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Recently, the rising aluminum prices have made many door and window businesses sad. On the one hand, there is white hot market competition, and on the other hand, there is a sharp rise in production costs. Between "rising" and "not rising", the development of door and window brands is increasingly difficult. Then, facing the irreversible trend of rising raw material costs, how should door and window enterprises resist the "cold winter" of the market

for the survival of the fittest, door and window merchants need to fight bravely

for small enterprises, once the price of doors and windows rises, the profit margin becomes very small, and at this time, the loyalty of some dealers will also be highlighted. Once the "Cup" of the market is reduced, dealers will "look alike" to the brand agents of small enterprises, or directly follow other profitable brands, thus affecting the output value and sales volume, Small businesses have also become more difficult but helpless

profitable is the primary condition of dealer loyalty, and it is also the root of driving dealer loyalty enterprises. With several rounds of economic waves, current dealers have become more and more practical and rational. The first consideration of their cooperation with manufacturers is interests. And dealers also have their own difficulties. Rising prices mean poor business, fewer and fewer orders, and a sharp decline in sales. If we do not continue to "carry" the price rise, there may be cost losses. In fact, both manufacturers and dealers have to face the pressure of market survival, and they need to show great courage to face new challenges and difficulties in the market. Only enterprises and dealers who dare to innovate and change can turn the crisis into a turning point, truly stand out from the heavy encirclement and usher in new vitality

examine their own shortcomings, improve the construction of various systems

in response to the storm brought about by the price rise, enterprises should re-examine their own shortcomings, and grasp the product positioning is the key. We should not only consider the mainstream of door and window products, but also strive to make breakthroughs in creativity, develop more sub classified markets, and strive to occupy more market share. Only by following the pace of the market can we ensure that the enterprise will continue to thrive and grow on the road of development

enterprises should start with stable internal skills and focus on product quality. If any product or enterprise wants to expand the market and occupy a place, the first thing is that the product is needed and the quality is affirmed

secondly, pay attention to consumption trends. Consumers make choices based on preferences, trends, needs and other factors. Enterprises need to firmly grasp consumer psychology

thirdly, improve the service system. Door and window products are durable consumer goods. Door and window enterprises and dealers should pay more attention to after-sales service. Secondary consumption and word-of-mouth publicity depend on the considerate service in the first transaction

finally, brand building should be strengthened. With the in-depth development of the market, the homogenization of products is becoming more and more serious, and product imitation is impossible to prevent. It also forces door and window manufacturers to carry out brand building, making brand building the golden rule for enterprise competition and survival





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