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As the saying goes, the fragrance of wine is not afraid of the depth of the alley. However, in the furniture industry, as the market becomes larger and larger, the competition in the industry becomes more and more fierce, and the marketing advertising information explodes, the fragrance of wine is really afraid of the deep alley. In recent years, with the rise of customized furniture, many enterprises have also expanded the market and become high-end customized furniture brands. However, compared with emerging Internet enterprises, the brand marketing of the traditional furniture industry is slightly childish. How to do a good job in wardrobe brand marketing? How to do brand marketing for wardrobe? Dewell, the overall wardrobe brand in 2018

keep up with the market and inject new elements into brand marketing

the traditional marketing methods also focus on ground promotion, such as single page distribution, promotional activities, building sweeping, roadshows, and later add three-dimensional advertising channels such as high-altitude and television. The emergence of the Internet has made the marketing of enterprises more diversified. Such as internet bidding promotion, new media marketing, hot spot marketing, fan interaction, etc

take Deville as an example. Deville is not only a customized furniture enterprise with 12 years of development experience, but also a young enterprise that keeps pace with the times. On the one hand, the brand center established by Deville last year has set up a brand marketing team to independently build a whole house customized e-commerce Mall for Deville, truly connect online and offline, and help dealers achieve multi-channel profits! In terms of brand marketing, Deville also uses a multi platform new media marketing system with wechat as the core to continuously push dry goods and good articles, hot spot marketing, festival marketing and other content for terminals, so as to achieve the establishment of brand image and the output of brand values, so as to enhance the communication power and influence of Deville brand on terminals

bundle marketing to improve the brand level

to position the brand in the high-end market, we need to carry out corresponding bundle marketing. Therefore, since the end of last year, Deville has launched the star signing strategy, bundling the brand with stars to improve the brand level. From the recent signing activities of terminal stars, hundreds of sales have already verified the success of the strategy. Secondly, this year, the first supermarket store of Deville also opened in Lianyungang Wanda Plaza. I believe that in the future, with the gradual rise of Deville's brand influence, more supermarket stores will be launched across the country

customized furniture has unlimited prospects in the future. With the improvement of people's cognition and acceptance of customized furniture, the market will become more mature in the future, and the share of high-end market will also become larger and larger. Investors who are interested in joining this industry can only seize the opportunity to enter the market and choose the right brand to join in, so as to have the opportunity to take a share in the market

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