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The decoration of the study seems to be nothing special, unlike the kitchen and bathroom decoration, which involves complex construction projects such as waterproof. But considering the details, there are still many doorways to pay attention to in the decoration of the study. Today, Xiaobian will bring some key points of study decoration to help you build a perfect study

key points of study decoration 1: finding a suitable space as a study

which space of the house is suitable for the study is the first thing to consider in study decoration. First of all, the space area of the study should not be too large, generally about 12 square meters is appropriate, too much space is easy to distract people; The study needs a quiet environment with less interference, so you should choose a room where people don't often walk as the study. For the location of the study, the study on the same floor needs a quiet and less disturbing environment, but it does not have to be private. If all rooms are on the same floor, it can be arranged outside the private area or in a separate room next to the door. If it is a suite with the bedroom, it is more suitable to be in the outer room

the second key point of study decoration: choose the appropriate style and color

although the decoration style of the study needs to be similar to the overall decoration style of the house, it should also be considered that the study, as a place for quiet reading and concentration, should show a more elegant and quiet style effect. In addition, the color of the study should be soft and calm. It is best to give priority to cold colors, such as blue, green, gray purple, etc., and try to avoid jumping and contrasting colors

the third key point of study decoration: pay attention to green decoration

paint, wallpaper, wood, floor, furniture, etc. are the largest expenditure in study decoration, which has the greatest impact on the environmental protection and health of study space. As a place for people, especially children, to study for a long time, the study must ensure its environmental protection. Therefore, the study decoration should pay attention to green decoration, choose materials with high environmental protection level, and be prepared in the decoration budget

key point 4 of study decoration: the decoration should be impervious to the "sound"

silence is very necessary for the study, because people read in a noisy environment and their work efficiency is much lower than that in a quiet environment. Therefore, when decorating the study, we should implement this principle from material purchase to decoration construction. Specifically, to make the study impervious to "sound", you can start with the decoration of ceiling, wall, floor, door and window

key points of study decoration five: the environment needs to be bright and ventilated

the study is a place for people to study, so there are high requirements for lighting and daylighting; At the same time, the study is also the place where books are placed, and the influence of light, temperature, ventilation, etc. on the collection of books should also be considered. In order to ensure the health of people's eyesight and the integrity of books, from the aspect of decoration, it is necessary to consider the transformation of the study circuit, the installation of lamps and lanterns, the layout of windows, etc

six key points of study decoration: reasonable furniture purchase and installation layout

study furniture is a very important part of the study, in which bookcases, desks, chairs, etc. are indispensable furniture in the study. In the purchase and installation of furniture, in addition to paying attention to the shape, quality and color of the study furniture, we must consider that the furniture should adapt to the scope of people's activities and meet the basic requirements of human health aesthetics




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