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Packaging machinery design trend field research and market analysis (Part I)

German packaging machinery design strives to serve customers, especially large enterprises, based on Market Research and market analysis. With the development of science and technology and the intensification of market competition, customers have higher and higher requirements for mechanical performance, mainly in the following aspects: 1. High productivity to meet the requirements that the investment in delivery time will create about 20 new jobs in Krefeld Uerdingen factory and reduce the process circulation cost; For some products, packaging machinery and production machinery are also required to be connected

2. To meet the needs of product renewal, packaging machinery should have high flexibility and flexibility

3. Few equipment failures, 13 Size of the experimental machine: about 1600*1300*1700 mm. Remote diagnosis service can be carried out in case of fault

4. Less environmental pollution, including noise, dust and waste pollution

5. The investment in purchasing equipment should be as little as possible, and the price should be as low as possible

German packaging machinery manufacturers and design departments have taken the following measures to meet the above customer requirements:

first, improve the degree of automation of process flow

a few years ago, automation technology accounted for only 30% of the packaging machinery design, and now it accounts for more than 50%. Microcomputer Design and electromechanical integration control are widely used. The purpose of improving the degree of automation of packaging machinery is to improve productivity; Second, to improve the flexibility and flexibility of the equipment; Third, in order to improve the ability of the packaging machinery to complete complex actions, that is, the manipulator is used to complete the packaging process. For example, the packaging of chocolate candy has realized the replacement of the original manual with a manipulator

the automatic design of packaging machinery has the following two main features:

1. Each manipulator is controlled by a separate computer

in order to complete complex packaging actions, a packaging machinery needs to be completed by multiple manipulators. When completing the packaging action, the manipulator completes the specified action according to the instructions of the computer program under the information recorded and monitored by the computer-controlled camera to ensure the quality of the packaging

2. High resolution of material and thickness

in the packaging process, the thickness and material changes of packaging materials are not easy to be identified by human eyes, so computer-controlled cameras and detectors are often used to identify the thickness and material changes of packaging materials in the design of packaging machinery. The camera has been developed to be able to check B and Rockwell hardness (HK) by itself, identify the captured pictures and display them on the display screen. At present, the rotating speed of the machine can not be changed during processing. In the future, when the fixture is clamped and reset, it should be able to change the rotating speed according to the change of materials, so as to control the work under the optimal state, complete the packaging process in the shortest time, and realize automatic cleaning, automatic disinfection and automatic cleaning

II. Improve productivity, reduce process costs, and meet production requirements to the greatest extent.

German packaging machinery, especially beverage, beer filling machinery and food packaging machinery, has the characteristics of high speed, complete set, high automation and good reliability. Its beverage filling speed is up to 1200 bottles/hour, and the cigarette packaging is 12000 pieces/minute. Increasing the rotating speed of the machine is a complex problem. The faster the speed, the lower the cost of single piece production, but the use area of the plant will increase

in addition, the motor speed is also limited, so you can't go as fast as you want. Generally speaking, increasing the speed by% will bring a series of complex problems

to improve productivity, in addition to increasing the rotating speed, we can also try to solve it through other channels:

1. Continuous work or multi head work mode is adopted.

the working mode of packaging machinery includes intermittent and continuous type. During the design, we should strive to design continuous work, which will improve the production rate; One equipment can also have multiple production lines to produce the same product or several different products, but the reliability must be improved

2. Reduce the scrap rate and provide a fault analysis system

the production losses caused by scrap are huge, not only product losses, but also material losses. Therefore, great efforts should be made to reduce the scrap rate; When the packaging machinery is sold, it shall also provide a fault analysis system for maintenance services, that is, modal analysis to find faults, or remote diagnosis through inter, so as to meet the needs of customers to the greatest extent. In the future, the packaging machinery should be further intelligent, that is, the equipment should find and solve the faults by itself, so as to reduce the scrap rate and failure rate and improve the normal productivity

3. Integrate product production machinery and packaging machinery

many products are packaged after production, which is also conducive to improving product productivity. For example, the chocolate production equipment and packaging equipment produced in Germany are controlled by one system. The key to the integration of the two is to solve the problem of matching each other in productivity. Packaging machinery often becomes the bottleneck of production, so it is necessary to provide equipment with different productivity

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