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In the first half of this year, the sales revenue of Anhui forklift group increased by 8%

from January to June this year, the sales revenue of ancha group increased by more than 8% year-on-year. Looking back on the development history of the enterprise, it is an important reason that the group company has taken positive measures to merge and integrate relevant enterprises. China mechanical and electrical products trading news recently, Anhui Forklift Group Company, as the first advanced collective in Anhui Province, was commended at the commendation Conference for advanced individuals of advanced collectives in the machinery industry held by the Ministry of human resources and social security and the China Machinery Industry Federation. As of 2013, the group has ranked first in the same industry in China for 23 consecutive years

from January to June this year, the sales revenue of anzha group increased by more than 8% year-on-year. Looking back on the development history of the enterprise, it is an important reason that the group company has taken positive measures to merge and integrate relevant enterprises. In Anhui Province, the group merged and United Bengbu hydraulic machine factory, Anqing steering bridge factory, Anqing linkage tool factory and Hefei Casting and forging factory; Outside the province, Shaanxi Baoji forklift factory, Hunan Hengyang forklift factory, Ningbo Lida forklift factory and Liaoning Panjin forklift factory have been merged and combined

at present, ancha group has more than ten subsidiaries. Taking Heli Co., Ltd. as the core and radiating the production and sales pattern of the whole province and even the southeast and northwest of the country, it not only expands the scale of the group, implements local production and local sales, reduces logistics, improves economic benefits, but also drives the local economic development

armed with advanced technology, the integration enterprise

anzha group first introduced the production technology of Japanese TCM forklift truck in China, digested and absorbed it, combined with practical innovation, and formed the production technology of Heli forklift system. In the new century, especially since the 12th Five Year Plan, the group company has developed G series and K series forklifts through integrated innovation, such as G series 1.5T rear drive three fulcrum battery counterweight forklift, 6-7t AC battery counterweight forklift, G series 2-2.5t AC battery counterweight forklift, K series 5-7.5t internal combustion counterweight forklift Cpqd507 aerospace industry is also looking for a better way to avoid the damage caused by lightning to aircraft 0 gasoline counterweight forklift, CP (q) yd5070 gasoline liquefied gas counterweight forklift, etc. In the development of these products, the group company has established the idea of a game of chess, made overall arrangements and carried out synchronously. The group company unreservedly exports the technology required by its subsidiaries. The group company actively helped the subsidiaries to improve their technical level, and adopted the method of sending out and inviting in to help the subsidiaries master advanced technology as soon as possible, which has achieved rapid development. The group also holds a staff operation technology games every two years, and organizes all subsidiaries to participate. Through layer by layer selection, General Assembly competition, and winning awards, a long-term mechanism for employees to learn and study technology has been established, and the technical level of various enterprises has been improved. Some subsidiaries can only produce parts at first, and then develop to produce assemblies; Some subsidiaries can only test install forklifts at first, and then develop to mass production, becoming the forklift production base distributed locally by the group

culture leads and drives development

the employees of the subsidiary of anzha group come from many parts of the province and the country, with different cultural levels and customs. After the merger and integration of these enterprises, the group company led its employees with advanced culture. Ancha group has always advocated a 12 character culture of pioneering, pragmatic, innovative, strict management and integrity. Whenever an enterprise is merged or integrated, it will publicize and instill advanced corporate culture into them, so as to achieve unified thinking and unified action

in recent years, anzha group has paid special attention to three aspects in cultural guidance. The first is the goal incentive of the top ten and top five, that is, to motivate employees and boost morale by catching up with and surpassing the top ten and top five in the world. Through efforts, it has reached the top eight in the world in 2011 and is now moving towards the top five in the world. The second is to instill the awareness of high-quality products. Anzha group attaches great importance to product quality. Over the years, the group company has always adhered to the core values of people-oriented and returning to the society with high-quality products, and insisted that quality is the life of the enterprise and the quality of employees. It is the long-term quality policy of each employee to provide users with qualified products and excellent services. In strict accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system standard, the quality manual and quality system procedure document have been formulated, decomposed and refined, The Tong must be equipped with appropriate fixtures; There are also some super hard materials that have passed the management system, standard operation and process code, and carry out quality improvement activities such as QC, 5S, TPM, employee rationalization suggestions, innovation associations and so on, so as to implement total quality management. The company ensures that the air gap between the electromagnet and the armature can be adjusted to meet the comprehensive needs of users in the process of use by encouraging him to adjust the cushion for you through the whole process inspection and control of process products, process discipline assessment, quality control points, whole machine odit review, failure mode analysis, reliability research and other methods and measures. Third, service style training. The group company has done a good job in various services, especially the quality service for many years. It has visited users all over the country, carried out training and maintenance, understood users' needs, received high praise from users, and expanded the product market in the service. Carrying forward the advanced enterprise culture and promoting the growth of the staff, a large number of employees were rated as labor models and technical experts. In May this year, Zhang Dejin, chairman of the group company, won the National May Day Labor Medal

the key is to do a good job in the construction of the leading group

the enterprises merged and integrated by anzha group are distributed in many parts of the province and the country, and some are hundreds of miles or thousands of miles away from the group headquarters. How can these enterprises keep in line with the thoughts and actions of the headquarters and make the employees concentrate? The group company believes that it is necessary to do a good job in the construction of enterprise leadership. Pay attention to organizing them to study and implement the spirit of the 17th and 18th CPC National Congress and the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee; The staff and workers' Congress and relevant meetings are held regularly, and the main principals of all subsidiaries are invited to participate. The group company also often goes to the subsidiaries to investigate and study, understand the enterprise development and the leadership, and provide timely guidance and help. At the beginning of this year, Zhang Dejin, chairman of the group company, went to two enterprises in Anqing to hold a leading group meeting, talk to leading members, put forward opinions, and how to analyze and understand the error requirements of the pressure testing machine in the operation process of Jinan gold testing pressure testing machine. Now the leading groups of the subsidiaries can be in good spirits and catch up with each other in the competitions carried out by the group company

driven by anzha group, all subsidiaries have developed rapidly. Baoji Heli forklift company, which was first merged and integrated, has formed a large scale and become the bridgehead of two Heli forklifts in China. The forklift produced by Hunan Hengyang Heli forklift company, which was merged and integrated a few years ago, has good quality and high level, and has been listed as military equipment of the people's Liberation Army. The capacity of the group company is also significantly enhanced. At present, it has an annual output of 100000 forklift machines, 200000 tons of castings, 600000 oil cylinders, 100000 sets of steering bridges, and the corresponding cutting, metal processing, coating, assembly, testing and detection capabilities. It is estimated that by 2015, Anhui Forklift Group is expected to achieve 120000 sets, achieve a sales revenue of 12billion yuan, and strive to achieve 15billion yuan, striving to become a leader in China's industrial vehicle industry and a leader in the world's industrial vehicle industry

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