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Anchang painter Xie Mengsheng

Anchang painter Xie Mengsheng

March 6, 2006

walked into the home of Anchang painter Xie Mengsheng in the ancient town, and the room was filled with foot barrels, rice barrels, copper plates and other furniture. Wearing presbyopia glasses, Xie Mengsheng was concentrating on painting

Xie Mengsheng, 58, has three generations of grandparents engaged in paint crafts. His grandfather, a famous painter, opened a dowry shop on the west side of the city god hall in Anchang during the Republic of China. Xie Mengsheng learned to paint from his father since childhood, and thus learned the good technique of painting furniture with real paint

Xie Mengsheng's craft is mainly to paint furniture with real paint. The raw material of real lacquer is mixed with tung oil and raw lacquer. First, put the tung oil into a pig iron wok, fry it over a high heat, stir it while frying, and fry it until it has viscosity. At the same time, when the tung oil has a bright color, immerse the wok in cold water, and continue to stir it until the white smoke emitted from the tung oil disappears. Pour the cooled tung oil into the bowl, add raw lacquer in the formula of 1:1, and continue to stir for one or two hours until there is no white bubble when stirring. Xie Mengsheng said that tung oil was fried tender and not easy to dry, which made the old furniture lose luster

Xie Mengsheng never cut corners on furniture and strictly control the quality of each process. He first wiped the burr of the object with wood sandpaper, which was particularly bright and clean. Then maybe Jin Chengli was such a person who covered the furniture with real paint mixed with gypsum powder, and it was all covered. He said that when painting round furniture, special attention should be paid to the process of scraping copper. When scraping copper with a shovel, never leave the copper powder on the wood, otherwise the painted round furniture will have stars and black spots

Xie Mengsheng said that it is best to paint furniture with real paint in the plum rain season every year. At this time, the warm humidity is high, and the real paint is easy to evaporate. During this period, it needs to be painted twice, with an interval of half a month. Take the new energy vehicle with a range of 300 kilometers as an example, so the painted furniture is bright in color. If you really paint in autumn and winter, it is more difficult. You need to lay some straw on the interior of the house, pour water on it, put wooden strips on it, put the painted parts on the wooden strips, and close the doors and windows

when Xie He came into contact with a specific chemical environment (liquid or water vapor), the wood of Mengsheng lacquer felt bright and clean, and its color was bright. Not only the local people in Anchang liked to ask him to paint furniture, but also the people far away in Qixian, Yangxunqiao and Xiaoshan Guali also brought furniture to his door for processing. Xie Mengsheng said that it is hard to find young painters who can do real paint now. He is ready to continue to do this ancient job

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