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Aimo strives to promote the development of the new energy vehicle industry and comprehensively launch the electric vehicle charging business

Shenzhen, Guangdong [November 4, 2010] low carbon is the new theme of the development of various industries and the general trend of the development of the times. Among them, the new energy vehicle industry is undoubtedly the mainstream wave of the low-carbon economy. Recently, Emerson Network energy, the global leader of Emerson's business brand (NYSE: EMR) and key business full assurance TM, launched a new series of electric vehicle charger products, such as ECH series electric vehicle intelligent charger, evsure series electric car off board intelligent charger, electric bus off board intelligent charger, etc. In addition, based on its mature power technology, the company has created an integrated green charging station and other business brands, which has attracted widespread attention in the industry

Emerson energy ECH series electric vehicle intelligent charger is mainly suitable for forklifts, golf carts, tractors, sightseeing vehicles and other small electric vehicles. The product adopts a number of industry-leading intelligent control, charge and discharge management and protection technologies to achieve the best availability, reliability and safety performance: the product adopts full digital DSP control technology, with a power density of 13.8w/in3, small size, light weight, and very easy to carry and transport; The charging module adopts advanced soft switching technology and active power factor correction technology, with a power factor as high as 0.99, and ensures high-efficiency charging. In terms of safety that users pay great attention to, the product is designed in strict accordance with IEC, UL and other international standards, and the module has passed the certification of CE, UL, TUV and other authoritative institutions. It is particularly important that the product itself also has a highly intelligent quadruple protection function, such as module protection, abnormal voltage protection, long charging time protection, contactor isolation protection, which fully ensures the reliable operation of the product and user safety

aiming at the domestic emerging electric vehicle charging market such as electric cars, taxis, engineering vehicles, large and medium-sized transport buses, Emerson Network energy has made great efforts to build the business brands of electric cars, electric buses and other off board chargers. Emerson energy's off board charger products can also be described as the most important reason for restricting the large-scale utilization of lithium titanate batteries. They strictly adhere to the company's consistent requirements for the reliability, intelligence, energy conservation and environmental protection of power equipment fatigue testing machine - cleaning. The above two products have strong electrical adaptability, with a wide input voltage range of VAC, and can withstand 600 VAC high voltage input, which fully responds to the complex electrical environment in China. In addition, the product adopts digital independent current sharing technology, which has stable current sharing performance. The system also has safety protection performance such as over-voltage protection at the input side of the power supply, under voltage alarm, over-current at the output side and short-circuit protection when cyclic stress is applied to the data, with ideal reliable performance. In terms of green environmental protection, the product pioneered the use of active power factor correction technology in the industry to ensure that the input power factor is as high as 0.99 and the total harmonic content is not higher than 3%, which enables users to realize energy conservation, land conservation and environmental protection of the charging system without configuring harmonic elimination and filtering devices alone in the charging station

it is worth mentioning that in addition to expanding its electric vehicle charger product line, Emerson Network energy has also innovatively launched an integrated green charging station solution based on its advantages in power supply and distribution, intelligent monitoring, operation and maintenance management. It is reported that the solution adopts an integrated design, integrates the company's charger, charging pile, charging module, charging station intelligent integrated management system and other related technologies and products, and can be applied to new large, medium and small charging stations, new communities, mature communities, parking lots, gas stations and other different occasions. At the 25th World pure electric vehicle, hybrid electric vehicle and fuel cell vehicle conference and exhibition held a few days ago, once the product was unveiled, it became a highlight of the exhibition with its advantages of small floor area, easy construction, easy management, low-cost investment and high efficiency and energy saving, and was widely praised by insiders and manufacturers

at present, China's new energy vehicle industry is entering a new stage of development. In this industrial field, electric vehicle charging is undoubtedly a vigorous emerging market. The draft of the 12th Five Year special plan for the development of electric vehicle science and technology drafted by China this year clearly includes the supporting infrastructure such as electric vehicle charging stations in the strategic plan. In this context, as the leading manufacturer of green network energy, Emerson Network energy took the lead and created a series of electric vehicle charging business brands, which greatly promoted the development of China's new energy vehicle industry

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