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Bonner of the United States participated in the "2011 Forum on the development of manufacturing technology and equipment for China's automobile industry to change the situation of low-cost supply of rare earth low-grade raw materials"

China's automobile industry has formed a considerable scale with years of development. After surpassing the United States for the first time in 2009 and becoming the world's largest automobile production and marketing country, China will again rank first in global sales in 2010. But behind the prosperous market, the corresponding equipment manufacturing level is indeed underdeveloped. With the gradual development and expansion of domestic automobile complete vehicle and parts enterprises, as well as the continuous promotion and emergence of various new automobile parts, the demand of manufacturing enterprises for new processes and new equipment is becoming increasingly urgent. In the process of its transformation and upgrading, the entire automobile industry is in urgent need of breaking through the bottleneck of manufacturing equipment. In this context, the 2011 China automotive manufacturing technology and equipment development forum hosted by china4auto hopes to bring help and Enlightenment to China's automotive industry

this forum invited senior experts from relevant automobile design institutes, automobile complete vehicle manufacturers, parts enterprises and equipment suppliers to discuss the following topics: industrial upgrading and transformation direction, automation and flexible manufacturing Advanced manufacturing of body and parts, he added: "However, the three major sectors of manufacturing technology and equipment were discussed in depth by means of report speeches and round table discussions.

as a participating enterprise in this forum, Bonner, an expert in the automotive industry of Bonner, made a special speech on automotive automation solutions to improve the automation level and production efficiency of China's automotive manufacturing industry. It focused on Bonner's unique pick to l input * * month * * year * * night K50 light pressing Classic application cases of picking up system in automobile assembly line and automobile engine assembly line

Figure 1: Bonner automotive industry expert: Xiao Zuoqing

Figure 2: the application of pick to light picking system in automobile assembly line

through the application of Bonner K50 pick to light system, how to correctly and quickly sort in the process of automobile assembly and assembly line is realized. Compared with the traditional operation, it not only effectively improves the speed, but also solves the reliability problem in the assembly process; In addition, the digitization of the assembly line is also realized, which improves the work efficiency and ensures the stability and correctness of the assembly process

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