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MICROSCAN, the world's leading technology leader in tracking, traceability and control solutions, recently announced that it had recently expanded its nellite machine vision lighting product line. The product line now includes about 300 standard lighting configurations and includes a variety of shapes, specifications and wavelengths

in this product expansion, maxken has added infrared (IR), ultraviolet (UV), blue and white wavelengths to most standard shaped lighting sources. The basic types of nellite include ring light source, area light source, strip light source, dome light source, dark field light source and high brightness light source. The special configuration of nellite includes borderless backlight and Doal, CDI and SCDI lighting devices

according to the requirements of factory automation application technology, American maxken company optimized the key parameters of this product line. The product line adopts 24V standardized power supply and standardized industrial connection, the working temperature reaches 40 C, and adopts a single point controller for any light source. The new NERLITE nl-200 lighting controller is an Ethernet based product that can be accessed and controlled through any Internet browser. It can also accurately control the illumination brightness of the light source, and realize the fast and accurate timing of microseconds. It supports flash control in high-speed applications

Dr. kasuji, visual lighting product manager of American MeSkin company, said that the expanded nelite product line enables customers to focus on the key lighting requirements of machine vision applications, such as wavelength (color), field of vision (specification) and shape 3 Tls-s (1~20) I double digital display spring tension and compression test machine shape requirements, so as to optimize the signal-to-noise ratio of the collected image. This means that NERLITE customers no longer have to worry about how to choose the appropriate controller, how to determine the correct voltage, or choose the appropriate connector

in addition, all NERLITE machine vision lighting sources are 100% led based, which has the advantages of fast response, long service life of the hyperlink URL in the page, support for multiple wavelengths and high brightness. Nellite products provide industry-leading three-year warranty. Standard light sources are available in stock and can be shipped at any time

Mr. jefftimms, President of maxken, said that as the pioneer of machine vision lighting technology, NERLITE under maxken enjoys a high reputation in the industry and is a leading manufacturer providing reliable and high-quality machine vision lighting systems. Maxken fully understands the importance of lighting for the successful application of machine vision and two-dimensional bar code reading, and the company will continue to invest in the research and development of this core technology

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introduction to MICROSCAN company

as a multinational company focusing on accurate data acquisition and control solutions and committed to providing automated tracking, traceability and control systems for key production processes for the manufacturing industry around the world, MICROSCAN company of the United States will work with our customers and partners, The company has been listed on the NYSE Euronext to jointly promote China's manufacturing industry into the world's advanced ranks

American maxken company was founded in 1982. It has a long history in technological innovation. Behind the complacency of the industry leader is the development of the world's first laser diode barcode scanner and 2D symbol data matrix. It is a top brand in the global auto ID and machine vision industry. At present, maxken is still the technology leader in the field of automatic recognition and machine vision, with tracking, tracing and control solutions for a variety of industry applications, from basic barcode reading to complex machine vision detection and measurement

American maxken company has passed ISO 9001:2000 certification, and has been recognized by global customers for its first-class product quality. As a supplier of high-quality and high-precision automatic identification technology, maxken has been well known and trusted by customers all over the world

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