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Anfuli acquires Young's electronics to consolidate the Asian market

anfuli announced the completion of the acquisition of Hong Kong Young's Electronics Co., Ltd. Founded in 1992, young electronics is a leading distributor of interconnect, passive, electromechanical (IP E) and limited quantity semiconductor components in Asia, representing more than 30 licensed suppliers

with the increasing demand for the miniaturization of notebook computers, handheld computers and other portable equipment, in the 12 months ended December 2007, Yang's electronic revenue was about $200million, of which more than 80% came from IP e products. Through this acquisition, anfuli not only obtained Yang's electronic team, but also provided perfect services to more than 2000 customers in 8 countries in the Asia Pacific region; It can also absorb some new I in the area. In addition, because the material of this part is a metal PE supplier, the expansion of electricity can turn off the licensed product camp of the alarm switch sub component department at this time

after the merger, avnetyel will continue to focus on the development of IP e business and create profits as a professional department of anfuli's electronic components department. The customer base of both sides will generate more opportunities for cross marketing. It is expected that the relevant transactions will be immediately included in the company's net profit calculation (excluding a small amount of integration expenses), and will support the company's long-term capital return goal

this acquisition further confirms the determination and strength of anfuli to continue to invest in the types of sub impact experimental machines and the high-speed development area of Yuezhou

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