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Many newspapers in the United States have built an all media communication management system

since 2008, under the impact of new media and the financial crisis, many of the world-famous Centennial newspapers in the United States have been suspended and transformed. In March, 2009, the 146 year old Seattle Post became the first major newspaper in the United States that only published online. A month later, the Centennial newspaper Christian Science Monitor officially stopped printing and changed to. A Wall Street commentator said:

the paper media were cornered by new media such as the Internet. It was a bit like a mother who finally gave birth to a child, but was strangled by the child

in fact, traditional media has not completely entered a desperate situation, but is facing new challenges. Most traditional media are actively transforming in order to adapt to new trends and break through in the era of new media. The associated press, Wall Street, the New York Times and other media are building multimedia and all media systems that trust our manufacturers' technical support, communication, operation and career development

AP believes that content is still the universal rule in the media industry, and new media still needs the services of news agencies. In the past few years, the associated press has made frequent moves in the field of new media. First, establish a digital cooperative, realize content integration, and find new digital publishing for the associated press. There are still some challenging problems to be solved, including terminals and revenue sources. Its approach is to integrate the information content of member newspapers and periodicals to produce flexible and diverse content for use on different platforms. The first product of this strategy is mobile. This is a network platform that provides multimedia information products for intelligence. It combines the domestic and international major of the associated press with the local of member newspapers and periodicals. Users can access the platform anytime and anywhere through mobile terminals

in order to solve the problem of copyright protection on the Internet, AP also launched the registry platform. Using this technology platform, the associated press can set labels and copyright information for all its contents, and can track all the behaviors of using it on the Internet. Any third party or user can find and use the content of AP through new digital platforms and devices. At the same time, content providers can learn what is popular with readers, and develop new products and revenue sources according to users' preferences

Wall Street is the largest paid financial newspaper in the United States, which was acquired by the group in June 2007. Hinton, the former CEO of Dow Jones under the group, once told the media that the dream of "Wall Street" is to charge for content, and charge for every platform. Now, this dream has been basically realized: paper newspapers, online editions, iPad versions of new media and exclusive financial terminals, and each platform is a source of profit

at the beginning of last year, the New York Times began to use the metering and charging system at its stations. This system allows readers to browse a certain number of pages per month, and there is a charge for excessive reading. This measurement system is designed to attract readers with free articles, and readers will charge by volume if they want to get more content

in addition, the New York Times, the Washington Post and other media also collectively financed a company called ongo to launch a personal customization service in early January last year, trying to implement the reader paid browsing network model. The monthly subscription price of readers is about $7. Its basic subscription plan includes articles from the associated press, Washington Post strict rules and USA today, as well as parts of the New York Times and the financial times, which have overcome six major technical difficulties, such as precision smelting of microalloyed components, control of free machinability of cold drawn steel wires, and increasing corrosion and wear resistance of materials. Users can also subscribe to the guardian and other media, paying 99 cents more for each additional source

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