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INTERMEC pushed the upgraded version of IF5 RFID reader

INTERMEC Inc. announced that its newly launched upgraded version of IF5 fixed RFID reader was rated as the product with the most outstanding performance in the "adjacent gate use category" by American RFID evaluation agency Odin technologies

if5 upgraded version can read more tags per second, and provide stronger radio frequency sensitivity and reliability. The evaluation result of IF5 is equal to or higher than that of the best competitive products in the same category. Calculated by the number of tags read per time unit, its reading rate is equivalent to that of the fastest competitor, and it belongs to the category of "highly sensitive" readers and writers

intermec IF5 is an "intelligent" fixed reader, which can run business intelligence and decision-making processes on moving points, filter information from labels, monitor external sensors and control audio/video indicators. Users need an independent server "box" to deploy other RFID scanning solutions, and the use of IF5 readers and writers can avoid the related costs and potential problems. Like other reader/writer products of INTERMEC, IF5 can read and write ilcd LCD experimental time so and second generation (Gen2) RFID tags

Christopher fennig, director of Professional Services Department of Odin technologies, said: 1 The body is not grounded. "The new generation of IF5 intensive reader/writer has outstanding performance. Its outstanding performance in connecting gates and transmission applications makes it a leader in the comprehensive performance of similar products. INTERMEC has made a lot of technical investment to meet the strict European market, and IF5 shows that its investment has paid off."

intermec IF5 reader/writer is a wireless module based on EPCglobal Gen2 standard, which meets the requirements of European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). It is the only module of its kind that has passed the EPC compatibility and interoperability test. As a Gen2 network reader with rich functions, IF5 enables users to read labels of various manufacturers. In addition, as an edge server, it can immediately make decisions and filter data, so as to avoid overburdening the host due to redundant result display and unwanted information

with the built-in device management system, fixtures and applications configured by readers and writers, IF5 can help enterprises expand their RFID systems when needed


INTERMEC Inc. is a global supplier of supply chain solutions, mainly developing, manufacturing and integrating various technologies for identifying, tracking and managing supply chain assets. These core technologies include wired/wireless automatic data collection, intellitag RFID, mobile computing systems, bar code printers and label media. Now, INTERMEC's products and services are adopted by global users in supply chain management, enterprise resource planning, on-site sales and service industries to improve production efficiency, improve product quality, and speed up the response speed of business operations

Odin technologies

Odin technologies is in a leading position in the fields of RFID solution design, deployment and optimization software. With professional engineers and patented RFID optimization tools from Odin technologies, global enterprises all over the world on four continents improve the accuracy, speed and transparency of RFID solutions they deploy. In addition to providing customer deployment services, Odin technologies also publishes RFID benchmark series, which is the first report on the performance analysis of RFID devices in the industry and has attracted much attention. Odin's RFID optimization software suite easyrfid has been successfully applied to dozens of locations, ensuring accurate RFID deployment. Patrick J. Sweeney II, President and CEO of Odin, is the author of dummies and CompTIA rfid+ learning guide, which is published by John Wiley sons. O fatigue testing machine enters the factory for preliminary operation and future protection. Detailed understanding: DIN has offices in Dulles, Virginia, the United States, Tokyo, Japan and Budapest, Hungary

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