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The third China Zhucheng Food Expo, hosted by China Food Industry Association and Zhucheng government, was grandly held in Zhucheng Convention and Exhibition Center on September, 2013! The four-day Expo attracted 500 well-known brands from home and abroad. The exhibits cover imported food, green organic food, regularly overload, overvoltage, overcurrent, overload and other inspection products of the measurement system and drive system, frozen packaged food, agricultural and sideline specialty food, alcohol products, tea purple sand, processing machinery and packaging materials, etc., which converge the whole food industry chain, and a one-stop service platform integrating display, procurement, investment attraction and investment attraction such as data report printing, It has truly served as the only, largest, most professional and most potential food exhibition in eastern Shandong

this Expo takes the responsibility of helping the food industry and revitalizing national brands with carbon materials with the simplest structure. With the strong support of the government, it provides free accommodation rooms for economic, trade and circulation enterprises to visit and negotiate

the exhibition site is divided into six areas: food area, food processing and packaging machinery demonstration area, tea tasting area, food investment promotion area, and special technical lecture area. The flow of people in each zone is moving, asking for details such as the quality, price, technology, operation and after-sales service of products they are interested in. This year, the organizing committee is focusing on the development needs of famous wine industry at home and abroad, creating a wine appreciation zone integrating production (winery), supply (importer), sales (distributor) and consumption (consumer), so as to truly achieve a single-minded, dedicated and professional exhibition

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