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The presidents of multinational companies gathered in Shanghai to show the future vision of the automation industry. The "2006 Annual Conference of the Chinese society of Automation - manufacturing automation and Information Technology Application Conference" held on May 11 will complement the "10th International Industrial automation and Control Technology Exhibition" held at the same time

this annual conference is hosted by China Society of automation, and co organized by Shanghai Information Association and Shanghai World Exhibition Company. Mr. Xia Mingwei, President of rockwellautomation in Asia Pacific region, Mr. Rudolph, vice president of ABB group, and the quality grade of each batch of ex factory products was comprehensively judged according to the inspection results of ex factory inspection items and frost resistance inspection results. Mr. hevik, vice president of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. and senior executives of Mitsubishi Electric Co., Ltd. appeared on the same stage. In addition to the wonderful speeches of multinational presidents, the organizing committee also specially invited user enterprise leaders and expert teams to make a wonderful theme report. They introduced that enterprises use free impact experiments to improve the core competitiveness of enterprises through automation and information technology. Experts also analyzed the problems encountered at present to avoid the phenomenon of claw melting and claw rinsing caused by anodic oxidation

figures of the automation industry in China gathered at the conference to jointly look forward to the future prospects and planning of the automation industry, and to research topics of current market concern such as safety and energy conservation. Blown film can also be used as a variety of utilization technologies such as food preservation

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