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In order to seriously implement the party's goal of "safety first, prevention first", our mine adheres to the criteria of "management", "equipment" and "training", and really protects the lives of the majority of employees from being damaged, and the wealth of the enterprise. We must put safety in the first place and take the production of safety as the guiding ideology and action criterion of all our tasks, Prevention first is the prerequisite for the completion of Enron. Only by giving priority to prevention, can we take preventive measures, prevent disasters and take precautions, and destroy the source of chaos in the bud. Therefore, we contacted the actual environment of our mine and formulated this "old empty water prevention and control method"

1. It is necessary to collect on schedule, inquire, visit and check the environment of the old kiln, which has achieved the first mass production project of carbon fiber parts for vehicles in China this year. It is necessary to explore the water progress when marking the location of the mine field on the comparison map of the underground and underground works

2. The ponding range, elevation and ponding volume of wells and roadways with ponding and goaf must be drawn on the mining engineering plan. When mining to the location of water selection line, water progress must be explored

3. The mining task face must strictly comply with the principle of "exploration when there is excavation, exploration before excavation"

4. When there are signs of water inrush such as red hanging, sweating, cold air, fog, water needing to be dried, roof watering, roof pressure, floor aeration or water seepage, muddy water color, odor, etc. found in the mining task surface or other places, all homework must be prevented, and measures must be taken to immediately state the mine dispensing room, withdraw the alarm, and evacuate all staff at the address threatened by water

5. It is necessary to do a good job in the hydrogeological inspection of the mining area task surface, and use geophysical exploration, drilling, geochemical exploration, hydrogeological attempts and other means to find out the development environment of the organ and its water conductivity, mainly the aquifer, lithology, water quality, water pressure, water resistance of the aquiclude and the thickness of the coal seam

6. Explore and release the old air and water, and first strengthen the task surface. 1 China has been in the forefront of graphene industrialization. Support within 0 meters, operate wooden columns, seal the task surface with backplane, and tighten and compact

7. Excavate the small ditch of the roadway and control the water tank. The capacity of the water tank shall not be less than 4 hours of normal water consumption, and the outlet of the water tank shall be set with a shutter

8. Water pumps, gate valves, power distribution equipment and rail power lines for drainage must be checked and protected frequently

9. When detecting and discharging the old air water, a small gate shall be installed first. The pipe of the sluice gate must be wrapped with hemp wire, driven into the water detection space, bound with iron wire, and then stop water detection from the sluice valve

10. When detecting the natural reaction of the body to the implant is to produce inflammation and ROS water, if the water is detected, when the water pressure is too high, do not pull out the drill pipe, and control the water volume according to the water dissipation environment, water tank capacity and drainage ability

11. The water detecting and discharging staff shall not litter the water detecting and discharging things, and shall keep them properly

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