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Powder roll pressure regulating device

patent name: powder roll pressure regulating device

patent application number: 6 Publication No.:

application date: 2003.10.30 publication date: 2004.10.20

applicant: Shanghai Gauss printing equipment Co., Ltd.

this utility model relates to printing machinery, especially to the pressure regulation of the powder roll of offset printing machine. There are four important aspects: dish loading, a powder roll pressure regulation regulator, loading speed instigation disk. What is your understanding of the belt tension machine? Now let's introduce the maintenance method and functional characteristics of the belt tensioner. The rotating speed device includes eccentric shaft connecting rod, borrowing roll rubber frame bamboo, adjusting shaft, first universal coupling, universal coupling rod, second universal coupling, worm gear pair. The eccentric shaft drives the connecting rod connecting rod to drive the rubber frame of the powder roll to move, and the adjusting shaft dish is in the wallboard and connected with the first universal coupling, The universal coupling rod connects the first universal coupling and the second universal coupling, the second universal coupling connects the shaft head of the worm eccentric shaft, and one end of the shaft head is put in the gear shaft hole, and the worm gear Kuai drives the eccentric shaft to rotate. The utility model has compact structure. Good self-locking, convenient and reliable pressure adjustment, and creates conditions for the appearance design of the printing unit

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