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Prevention and control measures for safety technical defects of derrick tower crane

through the analysis of safety technical defects, it can be seen that derrick tower crane can no longer meet the development requirements of modern construction industry, and it is inevitable to withdraw from the historical stage. In view of the above problems, the author puts forward the following prevention countermeasures based on years of experience in building safety management.

1) strengthen safety ideological education and improve the awareness of safe production

focus on the safety education of enterprises and project leaders, so that they can fully understand and understand the technical defects, potential safety hazards and the importance of safe production of derrick tower cranes, firmly establish the idea of safety first and the fundamental principle of people-oriented, and gradually turn the elimination of derrick tower cranes from top to bottom into a conscious behavior in enterprises.

2) carry out in-depth special treatment to force the elimination of derrick tower cranes

formulate an elimination schedule for the user units and report it to the local construction safety supervision station for filing, and eliminate it within a time limit. Each safety supervision station then inspected all construction sites through rolling equipment, and found that the derrick tower crane that continues to be used does not meet the requirements will be removed and replaced within a time limit. Those that refuse to remove will be removed in accordance with the production safety law of the people's Republic of China such as salt spray testing machine, high and low temperature testing machine, the advanced film blown by the people's film blowing machine with displayable test temperature can be used as commodity packaging, and the construction law of the people's Republic of China and relevant laws Administrative punishment shall be imposed according to the provisions of laws and regulations.

3) strengthen the supervision and management of equipment leasing units

equipment leasing units should register the obsolete derrick tower cranes, enter the warehouse for sealing up or scrapping, and are not allowed to rent them externally, so as to prevent the obsolete derrick tower cranes from being rented to rural areas or urban-rural fringe projects with weak management, avoid the supervision and inspection of safety supervision stations, and prohibit them from entering the construction site after modification

4) strengthen the management of construction project safety supervision filing

before the commencement of the project, the construction enterprise must submit safety data to the local safety supervision station. When handling the engineering safety supervision filing procedures, it must submit the specifications and models of the tower crane used in detail. Those that do not meet the requirements will not be filed, construction permits will not be handled, and construction will not be allowed to start

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