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The presidents of many companies talked about the high tech fair. Xie Jing, chairman of Yatu Digital Video Technology Co., Ltd.

Yatu has become globally competitive after more than ten years of development. This high tech fair used a new logo for the first time, which is a distillation of the brand. In the macro perspective of globalization, we actively expand overseas markets, sell our products to the Middle East, America and other places, and successfully enter the global mainstream market. The current production capacity has ranked the third in the world, and the market share of private brands ranks the top six in China. The goal is to become the first in global production within 3 to 5 years, and brands enter the top five in the world. Today, Yatu has become a multinational enterprise with global competitiveness, showing the world its vigorous vitality and fecundity. Arto's technology is well-known overseas. The value concept of "innovation, image, sharing, world" at the core of our brand will also be injected into the global projection industry, bringing more fun to people all over the world

the projection technology will not change much in the next few years. LCD and DLP will still occupy the mainstream, and the main technological innovation is in the light source. The key products on display in Yatu include interactive projectors, high-definition rear projectors for teaching, LCOS high-definition silicon crystal digital TVs and portable micro projectors

Li Daiwei, managing director of Lexin Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

at present, 95% of Lexin's products are still exported, and they began to enter the domestic market in March this year. We have an international team to ensure the quality of technology and products. Most of the members of this team are from the world's top TV enterprises. Their sincere cooperation ensures the high quality of Lexin brand

personalized appearance is the leading advantage of Lexin in the same industry. There are more than 20 patented technologies, including 7 invention patents. Energy conservation and environmental protection are the focus of Lexin's future technological development. Our view is that we will not launch products and technologies that are not mature enough to the market. Only products that are mature enough will be presented to users

innovation is a relatively thick concept, and epoch-making innovative products are rare. In our concept, as long as we can make what the same industry has not done in the market, it is an innovation. The secondary innovation realized in the existing technology is also crucial for enterprises. The products exhibited by Lexin at this high tech fair to a great extent reflect the characteristics that Lexin pays attention to the humanized use function of products

Lexin doesn't set a timetable for itself. It is ready to work for a long time in the domestic market. We won't be eager for quick success and instant benefits by obtaining the recognition of domestic consumers through high-quality products. We should ensure to provide high-quality products to domestic consumers

Shaoyu, President of Alliott Biometrics Technology Co., Ltd.

Alliott is the mainstream of the core scheme of biometrics technology, and constitutes effective supervision in the natural monopoly link; The key to the reform of the land market is to establish a land system provider with equal rights of state-owned land and rural collective construction land, market integration, and fair sharing of value-added benefits, which is in the upper reaches of the industry. Fingerprint PC accounts for 60% of the global market share, fingerprint storage accounts for 90% of the global market share, and information security accounts for 80% of the Chinese market share. As an upstream manufacturer, many of our technologies and products exist in the form of inside, which is similar to the engine in the automotive industry and is embedded in the products of downstream manufacturers. The other part is terminal products launched by private brands

In terms of scientific and technological innovation, we have more than 30 international invention patents and dozens of international qualifications. We attach special importance to the protection of intellectual property rights. The investment in research and development is very large, and we have done a lot of patents, qualifications, and various certification tests. Shenzhen focuses on the research and development of biometric core technology, Wuxi focuses on the research and development of biosensor technology, and information security is in Chengdu. The 3G Application of biometrics is the next research and development focus

compared with other companies, there are two major advantages that other companies cannot compare. First, we are the leader of the industry. We are the leader of technology; The second is the promotion of industrial cooperation. We are partners with industry leaders in many industries. Such cooperation ensures the technological leadership of both sides

Pengzirong, vice president of Hangsheng Electronics Co., Ltd.

after 16 years of development, Hangsheng has accumulated a lot of technology, and has always insisted on taking technology development as the focus of enterprise development, thus ensuring its development in the fierce market competition environment. In the field of automotive electronics, compared with foreign leading enterprises, domestic enterprises are still at a relative disadvantage in technology. At present, Hangsheng has the strength to compete with foreign major brands in the field of automotive electronic entertainment system. In the next step, it is expected to make a difference in the field of automotive electronic control system and occupy a larger market share

now there is a concept that automobile is a networking product. Automotive electronics will develop towards networking in the future, and this technology will be gradually improved with the development of communication technology and networking technology. Self owned technology is the key direction of Hangsheng's development. We develop technologies and products with independent intellectual property rights. We have products in cooperation with Shanghai Jiaotong University, Hunan University and Tsinghua University, as well as products in cooperation with foreign technical institutions

in the field of material innovation, at present, Hangsheng has entered the global procurement system of two major automobile manufacturers, PSA, whether the changes of Nissan and size are within the tolerance range, and has fully entered the international market. Some automobile factories of Volkswagen have also begun to adopt Hangsheng's products. As for setting up factories abroad, Hangsheng has no such plan at present, and it is possible when the time is ripe. Hangsheng prefers to set up research and development institutions abroad to better cooperate with the global procurement system of automotive enterprises. With the development of the automotive industry, electric vehicles will be an important product development direction in the future. In response to this trend, Hangsheng has begun to carry out research and development on the bending installation and technology of related products removed from the beam, and strive to occupy a more important position in the automotive electronics industry in the future

Lin Peilin, chairman of Deze Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Deze is a professional R & D and manufacturer engaged in high-frequency switching power supply and LED street lamp power supply. In 2009, we established a joint laboratory in cooperation with the semiconductor Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to study the core technology of LED street lamp power supply. Now we can achieve LED street lamp power supply within 300W. In Ecuador, Chile and other countries, there are solar energy, wind and solar power and other cooperation projects. We have a R & D team of more than 80 people to provide relevant power products for Panasonic, Philips and other enterprises

for Deze, more than 10 years of experience in street lamp power supply manufacturing, more than 80 R & D teams, and cooperation with the semiconductor Institute of the Chinese Academy of sciences are the most important advantages to occupy a leading position in this industry. The next step will be to further strengthen the introduction and training of talents and further consolidate their technological advantages

Deze will establish its own LED street lamp enterprise standard and promote it in China, striving to become a leading enterprise in China and lead the development of the industry through cooperation with the semiconductor Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. LED light source street lamps have great market potential. At present, the market is very hot, but the industry is still in its infancy. If the market can be rolled out, it will be a huge cake. We are cooperating with the national energy conservation and emission reduction center to vigorously promote the application of LED street lamps and promote the development of the industry. By the end of 2010, Deze will launch LED TV backlight power products

Qi Quansheng, deputy general manager of Jiuzhou Electric Appliance Group Co., Ltd.

for Jiuzhou, innovation is the first element to lead the development of the company. IOT is the main development field of Jiuzhou in the future and a new growth point. We integrate the original product field and have some applications in intelligent transportation. For example, we have also done a demonstration project in Chengdu to achieve dynamic red and green light management through the detection of intersections. IOT is an application superimposed on the Internet and an intelligent management

there are several development directions in the field of set-top boxes. One is the development direction of HD. The 1080p set-top boxes we are showing this time are products that meet this development direction; The second development direction is satellite live broadcasting. Recently, we won the bid for 800000 satellite receiving set-top boxes; The third development direction is network integration, specifically the integration of radio and television networks and telecommunications networks. The dual-mode set-top box we launched in this exhibition is a product that meets this development direction

from the perspective of technology, set-top boxes will develop into the digital information control center and customs of families in the future, and Jiuzhou will strengthen the development and application of this aspect. In addition, Jiuzhou has also begun to expand in the field of LED lighting. Philips purchases millions of LED lamps every year

Liuyingjian, chairman of Hanwang Technology Co., Ltd.

Hanwang is an innovative company. This year, we exhibited new products such as master 3 of drawing version, double gun pen, and electronic paper book that can be accessed at the high tech fair. Hanwang's ultimate goal is to popularize e-book products all over the world and strive to become the first brand of E-book in the world. Since September, our monthly sales of e-paper books have exceeded that of Sony. In the next step, our only target is Amazon. Based on our original technological advantages and more competitive operation mode, we are expected to catch up with Amazon next year, and the goal of Hanwang becoming the world's No. 1 is just around the corner

Hanwang has 20 years of accumulated core technology - handwriting. In terms of software and hardware integration, from software, hardware, shape design to production and manufacturing, Hanwang's industrial chain is connected and has a very strong competitive advantage. Hanwang Technology not only has the first mover advantage in technology and content, but through the research and development of Chinese applications such as Chinese recognition technology, Hanwang has accumulated a complete system that meets the needs of Chinese consumers, which makes us fully confident in building an e-book product that is most suitable for Chinese people to read. Even if there are only Chinese users, it is enough for Hanwang to make the market scale of e-book the largest in the world

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