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South China Printing Exhibition held a press conference

on March 3, 2009, Mr. zhuyulun, chairman of Yashi Exhibition Services Co., Ltd., held a press conference at the publishing center of South China Printing Exhibition, and many multimedia attended the conference. At the meeting, Mr. Zhu Yulun made an analysis of macro policies, industry status, market trends and other issues one by one. Mr. Zhu Yulun said that the introduction of a series of relevant policies such as the national economy, domestic demand and development promotion has a very positive role in stabilizing the confidence of enterprises and buyers

at the press conference, Mr. Zhu Yulun expressed his views on the financial crisis. He said that although he was in the environment of the financial storm, the company's exhibition scale basically maintained the level of last year, and some areas still increased, which had little impact. Last November, the market performance was the worst and the impact was the biggest. It almost reached the lowest point. Many buyers were very cautious, and most of them maintained a wait-and-see attitude. But we didn't lose heart. Even if the demand is decreasing, it does not mean that the demand disappears. As long as the market is still there, as long as everyone is still consuming, there will be a market. For some inland cities, some people seem to have no feeling at all about the financial crisis and feel that they have not been affected. On the contrary, the inventory of the enterprise has been digested, and the orders are also increasing one after another, which belongs to the compact inventory

the exhibition in 2009 is a new beginning, and there is also a new expectation. Under such a financial storm, the organizer is still full of confidence in the market. Mr. Zhu Yulun believes that this is the best time for the company to expand market share. As the printing and packaging exhibition with the best effect, the most influential and the largest scale in South China, Yashi has been relatively less affected. In this exhibition, Yashi will increase its investment in visitors and buyers on the original basis, so as to ensure the quality of visitors and live up to the expectations of exhibitors

Mr. Zhu Yulun finally concluded: in the so-called crisis, there are both dangers and opportunities. All difficulties are only temporary. Enterprises should seize more opportunities in order to see more hope and get better development

attachment: South China International Printing Exhibition has been held once a year since 1994. It has a history of 15 years. The number of exhibitors has grown from more than 200 to nearly 600, and the exhibition area has expanded from 10000 square meters to 40000 square meters in the PCB industrial chain. One integrated manufacturer, Chaohua technology, has more than square meters, and buyers and professional visitors have increased from thousands to more than 40000. The brand of South China International Printing Exhibition is becoming more and more famous, and it has become one of the large-scale and high-level professional exhibitions in China. Therefore, the trick is to quickly pour. This exhibition is market-oriented, focusing on the display of various advanced, novel and popular printing technology products in China and even the international printing market, so that exhibitors can fully grasp the market trend, so that printing enterprises can accurately choose best-selling products, and build a professional display and exchange platform for manufacturers

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