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China Japan joint venture is building a 6000 ton/year PET plant in Yizheng

Japan tora (as shown in Figure 3) y Industrial Company and Yihua group will invest 5billion yen (US $40million) to build a new 6000 ton/year PET plant in Yizheng, Jiangsu Province

the device in this plan will replace the device currently operated by Yihua company. Toray and Yihua will each own half of the shares in the joint venture, which has been approved by the Chinese government. The existing device of Yihua in Yizheng will be abandoned due to its obsolescence. The new device is expected to be driven in the same area next year

Dongli signed an agreement with Yihua to let the latter sell the pet products of the devices in this plan through its sales network in China. The two partners predict that sales will reach 5billion yen by the end of this year

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