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The China Germany joint venture Yangon Pakistan integration project should tighten the relevant parts

the Yangon Pakistan integration project, a super large petrochemical base project jointly invested and constructed by Sinopec and BASF, Germany, officially started in Nanjing yesterday

the total investment of the Yangzi Pakistan integration project is about 2.9 billion US dollars. It is not only the largest Sino German joint venture project in China at present, but also the largest Sino foreign joint venture project that has been started so far

all devices of this project are large-scale devices with world-class economic scale, and the technology used has reached the most advanced technical level of Jinan experimental machine service system in the world petrochemical industry. The Yangba integrated project takes the 600000 ton/year ethylene plant as the core, supporting the construction of 8 sets of downstream petrochemical plants such as 300000 ton/year ethylene glycol and 400000 ton/year low-density polyethylene. After being fully put into commercial production in 2005, it will produce 2million tons of high-quality petrochemical products annually, which will replace imports in large quantities, so as to meet the domestic demand for petrochemical products that do not have the word "grounding" or the continuous growth of grounding signs

the Yangba integration project was jointly invested by Sinopec and BASF Group of Germany at a ratio of 50:50 shares in February 2019

Chen Jinhua, vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, the heads of Jiangsu Province and Nanjing City, and the heads of the joint venture companies attended the commencement ceremony

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