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On June 11, it was learned from Suining economic and Technological Development Zone that Suining's first Sino German joint venture Sichuan Herrick gem hydraulic drilling rig Co., Ltd. had been officially unveiled. The joint venture will carry out the production of components, market development and technological innovation of full hydraulic intelligent deep well drilling rigs in Suining, opening up new space for the development of Suining equipment manufacturing industry

Sichuan hailike gem hydraulic drilling rig Co., Ltd. is jointly invested by Germany hailike, Baoji Petroleum machinery and Sichuan Jingshi. In August last year, the first fully hydraulic intelligent deep well drilling rig in Asia, developed by Herrick, Germany, completed assembly, domestic supporting and joint commissioning at Suining Herrick drilling base, and delivered it to CNPC for oil and gas exploration and production in Sichuan. After that, after many efforts to make the car show better performance in terms of safety and cost, Herrick decided to put the production of parts and components of the drilling rig and other businesses into Suining. For example, glass wool material is used as the interface of the testing machine. How can high molecular materials have three mechanical States at different temperatures? These are not designed. After the establishment of the joint venture, the project construction will be promoted in three phases, which can achieve an annual output of 40 sets of full hydraulic intelligent deep well drilling rigs, with a total output of

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