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The development of die-cutting machines and bronzing machines in the world market

there are a large number of die-cutting machines, bronzing machines and hot stamping die-cutting machines on display at the chinaprint2001 exhibition, including the products of boster, which represents the highest level in the world today, and the products of Shanghai Yahua, Tangshan Yuyin, Taiwan Youheng, beiren group and other companies

the mw1050a Ⅱ high-speed automatic die cutting machine exhibited by Shanghai Yahua is monitored and displayed by the PLC heart programming controller and the electronic cam divider, so that the control and fault diagnosis of the machine are extremely convenient. It also adopts LCD touch screen man-machine dialogue and Chinese display, which makes the operation more intuitive and convenient; It has high die cutting accuracy (± 0.1mm) and die cutting speed of 7500 sheets per hour; The machine has two configurations: with and without waste cleaning. The waste cleaning adopts the patented technology of knife plate rapid waste flushing. It can also design special additional functions for users, such as hot embossing function, in order to meet the needs of fine embossing process. The tym automatic hot stamping die-cutting machine on display, in addition to die-cutting, indentation and embossing, also has the function of adding hot stamping, and can also hot stamp anti-counterfeiting holographic signs

mw series and tym series machines adopt advanced imported AC frequency converter to control the main engine transmission, and imported pneumatic clutch to start and brake, so that the whole machine has good dynamic performance. Tym920, tymt80a Ⅱ, tym920 Ⅱ hot stamping die cutting three error machines are equipped with Yahua's unique new foil walking device in vertical and horizontal directions. The walking and jumping steps of aluminum foil are controlled by AC servo motor, which makes the walking and jumping steps more accurate. In order to meet the needs of separating paper from aluminum foil during large-area hot stamping and facilitate the completion of hot stamping and embossing at one time, this series of machines adopt an atmospheric flow stripping mechanism longitudinally. The newly developed laser holographic identification hot stamping machine (tym80l, tym920) has the functions of die cutting, indentation, bronzing, and holographic registration hot stamping

its key technology is to use an external or built-in cursor positioning control system to carry out photoelectric tracking of the cursor, so as to achieve accurate positioning and make the equipment more suitable for overprint of school teaching and scientific research positions. It adopts the utility model patent of "holographic film registration system" developed by Yahua. The optical fiber sensor composed of optical fiber head and amplifier can correctly track the cursor on the holographic film, and the signal is transmitted to PLC through the amplifier, The magnetic powder brake is controlled by PLC to generate braking torque, so that the foil placing roller transmits the foil belt with constant tension. After being processed by PLC, the signal controls the start, speed change and braking of the servo motor. The machine can realize 5 groups of holographic foil tape tracking, positioning, registration and hot stamping, which is suitable for different foil tapes (light and dark standard/spectral standard) registration and positioning. Ordinary foil tapes and holographic foil tapes can be hot stamped at the same time. The maximum speed of the machine is 5500 sheets per hour, and the speed of holographic hot stamping with 3000 ~ 4000 sheets per hour. The successful development of this kind of machine marks that the gap between the domestic bronzing die-cutting machine and the world advanced level is further narrowing when inspecting the oil leakage

Tangshan Yuyin exhibited the largest number of die-cutting machines and bronzing die-cutting machines. Three models on display passed the European CE certification of the factory not long ago, indicating that the company's products have reached a new level in safety. My1050-p automatic waste discharge die-cutting machine has full waste removal function, especially suitable for automatic die-cutting waste removal of complex cartons and cigarette packets. The programmable controller controls the machine to realize the automation of paper feeding, die cutting, waste discharge and paper receiving. The man-machine interface can display the speed, processing quantity, running time and working state of the machine; The input point, output point and various faults of the programmable controller are dynamically controlled, so that the operation and troubleshooting are convenient and fast. The motor is controlled by frequency converter, which realizes stepless speed regulation and stable operation. My 1300 automatic die cutting indentation machine, the maximum die cutting size reaches 1290 × 930mm is a large-scale automatic packaging machine mainly engaged in processing corrugated boxes and cartons. Tym1020a and tym1050 automatic bronzing die cutting machines adopt LCD intelligent operation system, and use 486 thin plate touch screen computer to realize the functions of data input and storage of lower computer communication. Step skipping realizes automatic programming, automatic calculation of step length, and 12 heating areas can be independently set with temperature and constant temperature control. The main motor adopts variable frequency AC motor

mk1050m high-precision automatic flat pressing die-cutting machine produced by Youheng machinery, mk1050ym I high precision automatic hand pressing computer stamping die cutting machine has attracted people's attention. Taking the die-cutting machine as an example, it is introduced that its base and wallboard adopt advanced resin sand processing technology, which provides a solid guarantee for the overall structure, and the key parts are processed and formed by the processing center; PLC control and human-machine interface display are adopted, and a large number of troubleshooting instructions are stored, which greatly facilitates the operation. The main motor adopts the latest AC frequency conversion control; The main transmission system is equipped with "pneumatic clutch/brake", "safety clutch" and "drum gear coupling" to ensure the safe use of the machine; The side gauge and front gauge are equipped with photoelectric detection switches to ensure the positioning accuracy of the paper. According to the test, it is basically close to the level of similar foreign machines, but the price is only 1/3 of its selling price, so it has strong competitiveness

boster, Switzerland, is a world-famous packaging equipment manufacturer. At this exhibition, sp104-e automatic die cutting machine and sp102-bma full-automatic flat pressing holographic bronzing and embossing machine were exhibited. Sp 104-e automatic die-cutting machine is an automatic die-cutting machine suitable for all kinds of work and excellent performance. It is equipped with cvbe electronic control system developed by boster, which provides detailed production data and can be connected with decoder for convenient detection. Cvbe electronic control system can be used for man-machine dialogue, modify die-cutting data at any time, perform on-site die-cutting speed of 8500 pieces/hour, and operate smoothly Sp102-bma automatic flatting 12. Accuracy of deformation indication%: press holographic bronzing and embossing machine within ± 0.5% of the indication, which can bronze, holographic bronzing and embossing with high quality and high speed. Due to its proprietary oacs measurement system, the step of hot stamping foil is optimized, thus saving anodized aluminum; Its high-precision electronic registration system ensures accurate positioning and holographic hot stamping on banknotes and anti-counterfeit packaging. The tension of aluminum foil is adjusted by the tension shaft controlled by computer

online die cutting with printing machine is a quite mature technology in the world, such as in unit flexo printing machine and gravure printing machine, but there is still a considerable gap in this regard in China, and the main domestic die-cutting machine manufacturers have basically not developed this technology

at present, foreign advanced die-cutting machines and bronzing machines are further developing in the direction of intelligence, multi-function, large format, high speed, high precision, high stability and online. Domestic machines are mainly horizontal flat die-cutting machines and bronzing die-cutting dual-purpose machines, which are quite close to the world advanced level in some aspects. However, there is still a big gap in the round flattening, round molding machine and online, so we must vigorously develop such equipment

there is still a long way to go for domestic die-cutting machines and bronzing machines to catch up with the world's advanced level as a whole. There is still a certain gap in speed, function and accuracy, especially in machine stability, reliability and after-sales service. To further improve and improve machine performance, it is necessary to strengthen theoretical research on the reliability of key components and systems and put them into practice, Use various modern design methods to improve the design level of key parts to a new level, so as to further improve the performance and stability of the machine

at present, domestic machines have many advantages, such as attractive performance price ratio, the need for continuous market growth, and the transformation of people's traditional concepts. In addition, the attention of the state has created quite good conditions for the development of die-cutting machines and bronzing machines. It is still possible to catch up with the world's advanced level in an all-round way

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