The hottest Sino EU photovoltaic dispute has arise

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China's photovoltaic industry may suffer another "new injury"

the European Commission announced that the import registration of photovoltaic products from China will be implemented from the 6th. In addition, the European Union has successively initiated anti-dumping investigations on photovoltaic cells and photovoltaic glass in China, adding another "new injury" to the domestic photovoltaic industry

industry experts believe that in the context of the financial crisis, Sino foreign trade disputes are intensifying, international trade protectionism has a trend of spreading, and domestic import and export enterprises will face increasing challenges and survival pressure. It is necessary to speed up the start-up of the domestic market, we should consider all aspects, and constantly release the market capacity

the Sino European Photovoltaic dispute has arisen again

the European Commission announced on the 5th, The EU will implement import registration for photovoltaic products produced in China with 24 bit high-precision low noise high-speed AD converters from the 6th

the announcement said that according to the EU regulations on protecting domestic industries from dumping and subsidized imports from non EU countries, the EU will implement automatic registration of photocells, wafers, panels and components with a thickness of no more than 400 microns imported from China from the 6th

cold wind bursts in the international market. Earlier, on February 28, the European Commission officially launched an anti-dumping investigation on solar glass imported from China. According to relevant EU regulations, the European Commission plans to make a preliminary determination on the investigation after 9 months and decide whether to impose temporary anti-dumping duties on the products involved. The superposition of the effects of the new policy will undoubtedly add another valve for Chinese products to enter the European market

in recent years, China has encountered an increasing number of international trade disputes. It was learned in the interview that only in the photovoltaic industry, it was subject to anti-dumping, countervailing investigations and tariff penalties from the United States, the European Union, India and other countries in 2012. Among them, the EU's "double anti" investigation on China's solar panels involved as much as 21 billion euros, which caused great pressure on China's relevant industries and overall exports

relevant experts said that trade frictions between China and foreign countries have been intensifying, which is worthy of vigilance. At present, more than half of all the countervailing measures in the world are targeted at China, while 70% of the countervailing measures of the United States are targeted at China. The trend of trade protection is obvious, and China's export environment is getting worse and worse

trade protectionism or spread

the increase in trade friction has a direct impact on the export of China's related products. In only half a year, China was pulled into photovoltaic by the European Union for the second time, and the distance between China and its head was equal to or less than twice the diameter of the "vortex" of the dispute, which added "new wounds" to the domestic photovoltaic industry that has not yet come out of the quagmire

many business executives said that the recent loss of customers in Europe is relatively serious, and the investigation and import registration system have brought more unknown factors

yaowenjie, the technical director of Dongguan CSG Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd., said that although the EU's "double anti" of photovoltaic modules in China, which began last year, has not been preliminarily determined, about half of the company's European customers have evacuated out of pessimistic expectations for the ruling results, and only 30% - 40% of the orders come from the European market at present

he Zhaoxi, manager of the domestic business department of Guangdong Baowei new energy Co., Ltd., said that the anti-dumping of photovoltaic glass will have a great impact on the industry. According to past experience, the external supply of products will be basically stopped from the time of the investigation

insiders warned that the successive trade surveys of the EU may not be the end point, and Chinese enterprises should be vigilant against the spread of international trade protectionism

according to the statistics of zhuochuang information, the total export of photovoltaic glass in China in 2012 was 644million euros, of which 54million euros were exported to the European Union, accounting for 8.3%

"although the European market does not account for a large proportion, the EU's anti-dumping investigation may trigger follow-up investigations in other countries, and the scope of trade protectionism may be further expanded." Zheng Lepeng, executive vice president of Guangdong Solar Energy Association and other experts said

we should speed up the release of domestic market capacity

after the obstacles on the way to the sea of enterprises have increased one after another, the steadily growing domestic market is an important position for future development. Many insiders believe that the domestic market is the commanding height and main battlefield for enterprises in the future

Li zhenchen, an energy analyst at zhuochuang information, said that 2013 will be a year of global contraction, and unsalable products may become the mainstream expectation of enterprises. Coupled with the further escalation of international trade frictions, China's export environment is difficult to change substantially, and expanding domestic demand is the key

Zheng Lepeng and other experts suggested that the domestic photovoltaic market should be fully launched as soon as possible and the emerging markets should be actively expanded. On the one hand, we should continue to support the application of photovoltaic terminals, promote the formulation and implementation of electricity price policies, strengthen the R & D and application of photovoltaic products in transportation, construction and other industries, and support distributed photovoltaic power stations, photovoltaic based multi-energy complementary systems and small-scale roof systems; On the other hand, we should pay attention to expanding the photovoltaic market in emerging countries such as Brazil and South Korea. Zhonghua glass () Department

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