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This year is not the year to hold the China International Industrial Textiles Exhibition. The China Council for the promotion of international trade in textiles, the China Industrial Textiles Industry Association and the German textile and Clothing Industry Federation jointly held this forum to bring different surprises to the industry

Germany is one of the most advanced countries in the world in terms of textile technology, and its research on industrial textiles is very in-depth; China's industrial textiles industry has leapt to the textile field with the most development potential. The 12th Five Year Plan will focus on increasing the proportion of industrial textiles fiber processing volume in the total textile volume, and strive to increase its share to 30% by the end of the 12th Five Year Plan. From this point of view, 7 Before the low temperature, the Sino German textile industry held a forum on the sustainable development of industrial textiles, which is complementary and win-win cooperation

industrial textiles are an area with high technology content, high added value of products, high labor productivity and wide industrial penetration in the textile industry. As early as two years ago, Du Yuzhou, President of the China Textile Industry Association, visited Germany, visited a number of production enterprises and research institutes of industrial textiles, and proposed that the China Germany textile association could jointly hold a forum at an appropriate time to promote the complementary development of the textile industries of the two countries

this forum includes wonderful theme reports, convenient product exhibition areas and more active docking and exchange meetings. A number of Chinese and German enterprises jointly displayed new technologies and products for sustainable development in the field of industrial textiles. The docking exchange meeting attracted the participation of the manufacturers of industrial textiles from China and Germany, including their cyrolite acrylic copolymer manufacturers, end users and testing institutions. The enterprises of both countries made full use of the docking meeting to understand each other's industrial and market needs of industrial textile enterprises in the two countries. After a day of activities, we received feedback that the industrial circles of China and Germany and the participating enterprises all agree with this pragmatic form of activities, which can not only help Chinese enterprises get access to German advanced technology and cutting-edge information, but also help German enterprises develop the Chinese market. As Wang Tiankai, vice president of China Textile Industry Association, expected, this international forum should continue to be held in the future, and it should be better and better, so that it will become an advantageous channel to accelerate the development of the industrial textile industry

in fact, the textile industry of China and Germany has a long history of exchanges and cooperation at multiple levels. Both this International Forum and enterprise matchmaking meeting, as well as the China International Industrial Exhibition held every two years, have benefited from the active efforts of the China Council for the promotion of international trade in textiles and the China Industrial Textiles Association to build a trade and economic and technological cooperation platform for the development of the industry. We not only attract German enterprises to participate in China, but also organize Chinese enterprises to participate and visit Germany. At this stage of accelerating the development of industrial textiles in China, it is very necessary to have more international exchanges and cooperation. With the advantage of our trade platform, the CCPIT has played a positive role in promoting the development and upgrading of China's industrial textiles industry

in the future, the China Council for the promotion of textile trade will continue to adhere to the development of the textile industry and devote itself to holding various forms of activities. Next year, the China International Industrial Textiles Exhibition will be held. We will always cooperate with the China Industrial Textiles Industry Association at both parties' meetings and with Frankfurt exhibition company to strengthen and expand the exhibition with international standards and world influence. Its purpose is undoubtedly to uphold the service industry and service enterprises to grasp new opportunities?? The purpose of advancing to end products and industrial aluminum materials is to promote the development of the industry. For this purpose, we will also consider choosing textile associations or corresponding institutions in other countries to jointly hold a wider range of trade activities

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