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The Sino Russian contract should be included in the Guinness infrastructure investment of more than 55billion

the Sino Russian contract should be included in the Guinness infrastructure investment of more than 55billion

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at the end of May, witnessed by the leaders of China and Russia, PetroChina and Russian natural gas signed a historic "big order" with a total amount of about US $400billion for a 30-year agreement. On the 18th, Gazprom held a press conference to introduce its development status and future deployment in the Asia Pacific market

at the press conference of "Gazprom going to the Asia Pacific market" held on the 18th, the deputy general manager of Gazprom can input the number and frequency of experiments into the program according to requirements. At the beginning of the press conference, Alexander Medvedev first introduced the topic into the "century list" of China and Russia. He believed that this contract should be included in the Guinness Book of world records

no more than six years at the latest

Medvedev also revealed that the company expected to start supplying gas to China as soon as four years later, and stressed that this transaction could bring profits to Gazprom. "The contract period is 30 years, and the gas supply is expected to start in 4 years, no more than 6 years at the latest, unless China has not completed the infrastructure construction, but I think China is willing to complete all the construction as soon as possible, so we believe that the gas supply can start in the next year."

Alexander Medvedev also said that in order to fulfill this huge order, a large amount of capital investment is needed to complete pipeline construction and infrastructure work, and the investment for infrastructure construction in Russia alone will reach 55billion US dollars. He revealed that before the start of gas supply, China will pay $25billion in advance, except for the impact of jaw misalignment. "In order to optimize the investment system, we have reached an agreement with our Chinese partners to pay US $25billion in advance before starting gas supply, and the specific payment terms are still under negotiation."

more than half of Russians made positive comments on cooperation

in response to the construction of the west line gas transmission pipeline, Alexander Medvedev also revealed that it was expected to restart negotiations with China on gas supply through the west line pipeline. He said, "I know you want to know the situation of the western route plan as soon as possible. In order to restart the negotiations on the western route pipeline, (we and the Chinese side) have made an agreement. The negotiations may be carried out in the near future. Of course, at present, we need to solve the problems related to the 'eastern route plan' first, including the payment of the short advance revision time."

a survey released by the Russian "public opinion" Foundation recently shows that more than half of Russians positively evaluate the signing of long-term natural gas contracts with China. In addition, according to the survey results, 76% of the respondents believed that China Russia relations were developing well, and 78% of the respondents believed that China was a friendly country to Russia

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