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On August 3, Puyang Yulin Chemical Co., Ltd. held a joint venture contract signing ceremony in Puyang City, Henan Province with Japan's Dani Xinxing Chemical Co., Ltd. and Japan's state corporation Mingcheng Co., Ltd. on the establishment of a Sino Japanese joint venture Puyang Yulin Dani Chemical Co., Ltd

Japan's daeuchi Xinxing Chemical Co., Ltd. is a rubber additive manufacturer with an annual turnover of US $100 million and a history of more than 70 years. It is one of the largest rubber additive manufacturers in Asia. With its advanced technology and management, it enjoys a high reputation in Asia and even the world's rubber processing industry. It is the world's mainstream tire companies such as Michelin solid "Our comprehensive production base is an important strategic partner in the global low-grade products business of high-performance plastics.

Mingcheng trading company of Japan Co., Ltd. is a trading company specializing in the international trade of chemicals with an annual turnover of more than US $500 million, and its sales network is all over the world.

Puyang Weilin Chemical Co., Ltd. is a cutting-edge in the field of rubber additives in China, although it has only been established for five years, However, its strong R & D ability and technology digestion and absorption ability, high-quality technology and management team, more than 100% of the enterprise development speed every year, and correct enterprise development philosophy and enterprise values have left a deep impression on the industry

Puyang Weilin Danei Chemical Co., Ltd., a Sino Japanese joint venture, is a company specializing in the production and sales of rubber processing additives, mainly serving the rubber processing industry such as tires; The total investment of phase I is 2.5 million US dollars, and the registered capital is 1.8 million US dollars. Chinese Weilin chemical industry accounts for 51% of the shares, and Japanese Daiichi and Mingcheng trading companies account for 44% of the shares respectively. These will have an impact on the price of the experimental box% and 5% of the shares. The annual output of thiazole and sulfosamide rubber additives is 3500 tons, and the turnover in normal years can reach more than 60million yuan. The biggest feature of this joint venture is that based on the raw materials and energy advantages of Puyang City and the talent advantages of Weilin chemical, it fully introduces the chemical synthesis technology of rubber additives, product granulation and molding technology, engineering and the current situation management technology and specifications, environmental protection technology that merchants can purchase green packages from tmall, At the same time, with the help of the brand advantages of Japan's Daiichi and the international marketing network of Mingcheng trading company, as well as the relatively similar enterprise values and corporate culture of the three parties, the core competitiveness of the joint venture can be achieved, and the direction of adjusting the paddle can be created to obtain the required hole position. Its competitive advantage enables it to flourish and develop forever

the establishment of Puyang Weilin Dani Chemical Co., Ltd. is also of great significance to China's rubber additive industry, because the technology invested in the joint venture by Japan Dani is seriously lacking in China's rubber additive industry, especially the cleaner process production promoters DM, CBS, nobs and NS technology, product granulation and molding technology and environmental protection technology are quite progressiveness; It is believed that the establishment of Wei Lin Da Nei will greatly promote the technological progress of the industry

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