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with the proposal of the concept of industry 4.0, it indicates the arrival of a new era of industrialization. In the face of increasing market demand, Jinyue household introduced German Haomai precision production instruments, and took the lead in introducing solar power generation in the province to build a green factory. What new technologies will be introduced to the phase II plant that is about to be completed

the floor of phase II plant will adopt epoxy floor, which is a kind of colorful and seamless industrial floor composed of high-performance epoxy resin main agent and curing agent, together with special machines and auxiliary materials. The biggest feature of this kind of floor is that it is seamless, completely dust-free, and extremely easy to clean. It is an important measure for Jinyue home to build an environmental protection factory

the epoxy floor is also waterproof, mildew proof, impermeable and highly wear-resistant. It can walk on heavy vehicles and has good toughness. It is the best choice to build a dust-free workshop

in addition, the phase II plant will also introduce the ground roll track to optimize the production line. The completion of the ground roll production line will greatly improve the current production capacity. In addition, the supporting facilities of Jinyue home garden factory are also gradually improving. When the new plant is completed in October, it will show you a beautiful garden factory





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