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In recent years, children's furniture problems have occurred frequently. As the flower of the motherland, the problems related to children's health must not be tolerated. Children are indispensable members of a family and a country

in recent years, children's furniture problems have occurred frequently. As the flower of the motherland, problems related to children's health must not be tolerated. Children are the indispensable main members of a family and the indispensable reserve strength of a country. If children are injured in the process of growing up, both the state and society have more or less responsibilities. It is the duty of every citizen to protect children and minors. No matter from school to society, from life to basic necessities of life, we should be serious and responsible and care for the growth of underage children. Speaking of life, the living environment plays a vital role. Today, let's talk about the plates needed by the children's room


special floor for children's room

every link of children's room decoration is very important. The first is to prevent slipping, so as to avoid children's falling injury caused by ground sliding, and then to ensure the healthy growth of children in an aldehyde free and formaldehyde free environment. Finally, it is to be easy to clean and minimize the hard work of parents. So what kind of floor can be practical and meet these standards? Doll tree solid wood floor, the whole piece is made of solid wood, high-quality wood floor, solid wood floor texture is good, foot feel experience is good, wear-resistant and long life, environmental protection coefficient is high, but the maintenance cost is also high. Be sure to choose hardwood, otherwise the above advantages will change into disadvantages. In addition, moisture resistance and stability are super good, and the surface is scratch and impact resistant, seamless and free of dirt

with the continuous growth of children and the change of interests and hobbies, the furniture needed must change with the times, and most of this cannot be achieved. It is certainly impossible to change a set of furniture for children at one stage. Children basically sleep with their parents before the age of 3. They don't need to leave the room as a children's room, but only arrange an open activity area. This stage is mainly to meet the needs of training children's hands and brain skills; It's time to decorate the children's room when you are 5-12 years old in primary school, but don't put the desk in it first! Study in the living room, let children adapt to a slightly noisy learning environment, cultivate the ability to concentrate, and the child's independent ability will also be slowly cultivated; Children over 12 years old enter puberty, and the room layout is left to the children themselves. Parents only need to cooperate, and can increase privacy. Then we need furniture that meets this main condition


doll tree series furniture

when you are 3 years old, you need to add a crib in the master bedroom. The vitality of babies is very fragile, and all baby products must be absolutely safe. Of course, beds are no exception. The crib made of doll tree boards is environmentally safe, meets all national environmental protection standards, and also emits the fragrance of natural logs

when you are 5-12 years old, you need an independent bed to store large capacity wardrobes and lockers. The main wardrobes of wahuashu brand are super large capacity and can be loaded. The base material is EO grade solid wood board, which is super environment-friendly, waterproof and moisture-proof, greatly increasing the space utilization rate and giving children a warm and considerate "cloakroom"

children over 12 years old gradually enter puberty and need their own privacy space. They can add some password cabinets appropriately. Made of natural pure solid wood, it is moisture-proof and moisture-proof. The unique password design provides a safe privacy guarantee for adolescent children

the solid wood children's furniture made of baby tree children's special board has the standards of safety, environmental protection and health. It has various shapes and colors, and is the only choice for children's room series


children's desk

the children's desk made of "poetic and bookish" doll tree board is made of imported solid wood multilayer board, does not need any surface paint, emits the natural log fragrance, and has the characteristics of environmental protection, wear resistance, water resistance, dirt resistance, smoothness, non fading, etc. As the future of the motherland, learning issues must not be ignored, and the choice of desk materials is also crucial. Smelling the fragrance of nature's logs makes children think actively. Happy learning is the vision of every child tree man

childhood is the most carefree, happy and free period of one's life. Happiness should not be "disturbed". We should try our best to protect the most precious time of childhood, from clothing, food, housing and transportation to growth education, completely eradicate the bad behavior of unscrupulous businesses, and grow up happily and healthily. I hope that after the evolution of time, we can still retain the happiness and innocence of childhood





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