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The house was a second-hand house bought in early 2008. It used to have simple decoration. Next year, my fiancee will graduate and come to live with me in the world of two, so I need to renovate the nest as soon as possible. The house has been living for 3 years, so I know its advantages and disadvantages very well. The main line in the design process is very clear, that is, to make full use of every inch of space and design all the functions needed in daily life. My wife and I both study design. Although we don't do home decoration design, we also communicate with each other. It's just a grasp of one scale and a control of one color. Our division of labor is that I grasp the scale and she controls the color. In this way, after three months of hard work, the prototype of our family is fresh

house type: two bedrooms, one living room, one kitchen, one bathroom, 61 square meters

Designer: my wife and I

decoration cost: 20W household appliances with furniture

first, the house type drawing was made. Two major changes were made in the house type. In order to make the kitchen door a sliding door, the load-bearing wall was knocked into a half brick wall by me. The toilet in the bathroom was originally facing the kitchen stove, but now it has been shifted on the same floor




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