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On December 22, 2016, the 2016 China software conference and China software Peak Night award ceremony was grandly held at the new century JAL hotel. Digital China, the largest integrated IT service provider in China, has lived up to the expectations of the public and won the 2016 top ten leading enterprises in China's software and information service industry

it is reported that the China software conference is guided by the Ministry of industry and information technology, hosted by China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute (CCID Research Institute), CO organized by software and integrated circuit magazine, China Software Evaluation Center, CCID think tank and software industry research institute, and co organized by China big data industry ecological alliance and China Cloud Computing Expert Committee, It is an elite event of the highest standard in China's software and information technology service industry. The selection of the top ten leading enterprises, figures and industrial parks in China's software and information service field, known as the "Oscar" in the industry, began in 2001 and has been held for 15 years now. It has become one of the most authoritative and most concerned selections in China's software and information service field

Digital China: a new it ecosystem has come.

at the beginning of this year, digital China, which successfully landed in A-share, announced that it would be committed to making full use of new technologies such as Internet, cloud computing and big data under the guidance of national independent and controllable policies to provide cloud end-to-end products, technical solutions and services for Chinese enterprise users and individual users, and create the largest new it ecosystem in China

in 2016, on the basis of the largest IT marketing network in China, digital China made full use of cloud computing, Internet and big data technologies to transform the pulley and track of the 16 year old E-Bridge into the largest IT infrastructure and terminal products and solutions in China, And the transaction and service platform of cloud application service products. Thus, a new B2B business ecosystem covering online and offline has begun to take shape

at the same time, digital China has become a fully qualified and licensed cloud service provider with IDC, ISP, ICP and multi-party communication licenses through the acquisition of cloud services. Relying on the marketplace cloud aggregation platform, it has reached strategic cooperation with IBM, Cisco, Youyun unitedstack, software AG, Microsoft, Symantec, Alibaba cloud and Huawei cloud to build a platform covering cloud basic resources, cloud applications, cloud marketing Including cloud specialized services, complete cloud service value chain resources and service capabilities, and a unique cloud ecosystem with comprehensive cooperation and win-win results are rapidly expanding

in addition, taking the signing of Oracle as an opportunity, digital China is launching a comprehensive self owned brand layout. In 2016, digital China successively reached localization strategic cooperation with international manufacturers such as netscout and Oracle, released a series of independent brand products such as data monitor application performance management platform and cloud database all-in-one machine, and formed an independent brand strategic development path integrating localized production, localized support and service, and localized research and development. As the builder and operator of the new it ecosystem, as well as the provider of technical support and services, digital China is releasing its deep accumulation in the field of IT product distribution, solutions, integrated services and technology R & D in the past 30 years, and is developing its own brand, cloud services, B2B interconnection The new layout of B2C new marketing and other fields is also to ensure that we occupy a leading position in many high molecular polymer markets with nylon 12 as raw materials, and transform to a product technology company in the cloud era

information service is the leader. Digital China has made great progress.

as the largest integrated IT service provider in China, digital China has always taken digitalization China as its mission, insisting on delivering the most advanced cloud to end products at home and abroad and the overall solutions and services that best meet the needs of customers to enterprise users and consumers. Over the past 30 years, digital China has worked closely with more than 300 global top suppliers to build 860 nationwide. It has brought three significant advantages to automobiles: first, the largest IT marketing network in China with more than 30000 partners in cities, providing products or solutions and technical services to more than 1million enterprise level customers

it is worth mentioning that digital China has creatively put forward and practiced a value-added distribution business path. In addition to product sales, it provides localization implementation, operation and maintenance, technical support and integrated solutions close to the original factory services for Chinese customers of international top it manufacturers. In this process, digital China has not only cultivated its own strong solutions and service capabilities, but also accumulated a deep understanding of various software and hardware products of major manufacturers and the pain points of the needs of millions of enterprise customers in China, as well as an accurate grasp of the evolution of China's it informatization in the past 30 years. Thanks to these explorations and accumulations, digital China has repeatedly developed software products that are more in line with localized applications and services based on the manufacturer's hardware products through full self-research, and entered the manufacturer's sales directory for synchronous sales

in fact, since its inception, digital China has continuously carried out research and development and exploration of its own brands. Its DCN brand has the strength to synchronize research and development with foreign well-known enterprises, especially in the fields of SDN, IPv6 and so on. In terms of network security, the 3d-smp full security management strategy independently developed by Digital China has also become a technical leader in this field

up to now, digital China has built four large-scale R & D centers in Beijing, Wuhan, Shenzhen and Shanghai, with more than 4 national standard certifications, more than 150 national invention patents, nearly 200 software copyrights and more than 500 solutions

the award of the top ten leading enterprises in the software and information service industry fully reflects the industry's full recognition of Digital China's accumulation in the information service field, as well as its affirmation and expectation of Digital China's it new ecological strategy

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