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On November 15, the signing conference of strategic cooperation between digital China group and small I robot and the ibot10 standard (standard) product conference were successfully held in the lecture hall of Beijing Digital China Science and Technology Plaza. Xiaoi robot, the world's leading intelligent robot platform and architecture provider, officially released the latest version of intelligent interactive platform software ibot10, and reached a strategic cooperation agreement with digital China group, the largest integrated IT service provider in China. Starting from ibot10, the two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation in intelligent robot technology and Application in the future to create a better era for intelligent robots

according to the latest report of Garter, the authoritative research structure, at present, the proportion of digital communication between human and computer in the world is 25%, which will reach 50% by 2020. The proportion of customer service system completed by intelligent robots will rise from 15% to 70%, realizing 24-hour service. It can be seen that it is the general trend for intelligent customer service to replace traditional manual customer service

in this regard, liliping, deputy general manager of Digital China Communications Division, said that as the largest integrated IT service provider in China, digital China Group has established partnership with more than 300 international top it manufacturers, covering all fields from personal applications to enterprise applications. In the application field of intelligent robots, digital China also needs to choose industry leaders as partners. Small I robots meet all our requirements for partners. If necessary, cooperation is also natural. Digital China is willing to work with small I robots to give full play to their respective advantages, so that more consumers and enterprises can enjoy intelligent services, and jointly create a new era of intelligent robots

it is understood that the IBOT standard product is an intelligent robot product that can provide integrated deployment to small and medium-sized enterprises in all industries by copying the small I robot face to the installation directory. It integrates many artificial intelligence cutting-edge technologies such as Jung Seminar on natural language processing, knowledge engineering reasoning and intelligent big data. Ibot10 is the latest version of the series

on site, the technical director of xiaoi robot said that the ibot10 standard version is more powerful than the previous version. Through ibot10, enterprises can deploy and quickly install intelligent robot systems with one click. The automatic construction and learning system of knowledge can quickly build robot knowledge. The unified robot management background can meet the automatic customer service and marketing needs of all channels and platforms. The highly intelligent self-defined application will help enterprises quickly create an intelligent multimedia customer Service Center in the era of fast 1. Adopting the resonance principle to design competition

in the Q & a session of the press conference, an enterprise representative asked a core question: compared with the traditional customer service center, what value can the small I robot IBOT bring to the enterprise? The official answer is six values, which are to improve customer service user experience, improve user service capability, improve corporate brand image, improve user satisfaction, reduce service costs, and provide service marketing opportunities. At the same time, the cooperation case between small I robot and CCB is cited to illustrate the great value of small I intelligent robot's commercial application. From the display data, The small I robot intelligent customer service application helped CCB save 6000 manual customer service seats, and the response accuracy was still as high as 99.5% when the daily interaction volume was 2million

it is understood that digital China Group will become the core value-added partner of small i-robot, and will fully cooperate with small i-robot in many fields such as channels and customer groups. Small i-robot will also open the world's leading professional intelligent robot technology and services to Digital China. This cooperation is expected to improve the customer service experience of tens of thousands of it distribution integrators and millions of enterprise users

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