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Digital document display electronic paper is about to be put on the market

Xerox announced that it has selected 3M company as the manufacturer to put its electronic paper on the market. This is a kind of digital document display electronic paper with the characteristics of

easy to carry ordinary paper

the warming paper in the international electronic market represents a new display technology, which is between the paper with hundreds of years of history and the ordinary computer display screen. It is as thin, light and soft as paper, and it is comfortable to use polycarbonate as its shell nowadays. It can be dynamically displayed and rewritten like a computer. The combination of these features makes it have potential and wide application prospects, including:

- electronic paper newspapers, providing sports scores, the latest stock prices, and even when reading

- electronic paper magazine, which provides the latest information and has animated images and moving pictures to make the story more lively

- electronic paper textbook, which combines many books into one volume, allowing students to read, scan and mark like ordinary books

- the electronic paper display board is like an electronic blackboard hanging on a strong wall. It is a 0.1 ~ 3.0mm thick electronic billboard for cup punching experiment of aluminum alloy plate, strip and foil, and a folding electronic display board

this technology supported by Xerox patents has demonstrated its prototype within the limited scope of Parc. Xerox cooperates with 3m to produce electronic paper materials in the amount required by the market - basically future pulp, and supports the development of a wide range of commercial applications

according to Xerox, this invention will expand the impact of its processing scheme for drawing samples of literary materials, and blur the boundary between digitization and the paper world. Xerox's leading technology combined with 3M's extensive manufacturing experience can establish market leading technology. 3M is also looking forward to using its patented manufacturing technology to manufacture electronic paper, establishing a new milestone

the two companies have not announced the timetable for launching electronic paper products to the market. From laboratory research to obtaining the production license is the first step for electronic paper to enter the commercial market. (compiled by xuchangcheng: 0828)

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