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Digital manufacturing is a trend, independent of enterprise type

digital manufacturing has been mature in the process industry. However, in the loose environment where the orders of single piece and small batch of extruder enterprises in the equipment industry will be greatly recovered, it is difficult for digital manufacturing, but its development trend "in the future, Jigu will further extend the product line, which seems to be unstoppable

recently, Beijing Digital Dafang Technology Co., Ltd. (CAXA) held a digital manufacturing user conference in Beijing. Leiyi, the president of the company, mentioned in his speech at the meeting that the Obama administration proposed Reindustrialization during the election campaign, and many people in Europe advocated the third industrial revolution, and digital manufacturing just became the intersection of these two concepts

at this meeting, enterprise representatives from Sinosteel Xingji, Beijing Hangxing, Nanyue electric control and Lihu impeller also introduced their exploration in enterprise informatization

Zhaofengrui, Information Technology Department of Xingji, Sinosteel, said: at present, the network has covered every department and branch workshop of the company, connecting more than 2000 network terminals, including more than 120 cold processing equipment such as lathes, milling machines and grinders, and 191 hot processing equipment such as smelting and heat treatment

the company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sinosteel group, with more than 7000 employees and total assets of 5billion yuan. Sinosteel Xingji has advanced technology and equipment for smelting, casting, forging, heat treatment, machining and other processes, and its roll production and sales rank first in the world

after establishing the strategic goal of building the world's top enterprise in the roll industry, the company has comprehensively launched the construction of three major technological transformation projects. Zhaofengrui said that with the expansion of the enterprise's production capacity, in order to meet the needs of the company's multi variety and small batch production mode, in the case of equipment level expansion, it is necessary to improve the utilization rate of high-performance equipment and realize the networking and automation of production and manufacturing

Sinosteel Xingji chose to cooperate with CAXA company to implement the digital manufacturing project based on network DNC. In the past three years, Sinosteel Xingji has successively realized DNC communication with the CNC machine tools of the second branch and the fifth branch of the company, including the special-shaped branch. In addition, it has realized the automatic collection of more than 100 equipment of the fifth branch. At present, it is still in effective communication with CAXA. It is planned to collect the overall equipment of the second branch plant and use the collected data into the whole process control system to realize the automatic transmission of NC machine tool processing programs and the automatic operation of equipment

zhaofengrui said that after the implementation of the project, the company's more than 100 NC machine tools for cold processing will be connected by DNC. Through direct connection with the equipment, the automatic transmission of processing program and process data and the automatic collection of operating state parameters of cold and hot processing equipment will be realized. Moreover, the NC program is distributed to the corresponding equipment and machine tools by using the system's automatic dispatch function, and the processing program is automatically distributed, which effectively improves the overall automatic production level and greatly improves the production efficiency. This kind of production equipment networking is widely used in the non automated product production line in the equipment manufacturing industry, which belongs to the domestic advanced level

technology should be continuously developed

Beijing Hangxing Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a national large-scale second-class military scientific research and production unit and a national first-class enterprise under the Third Research Institute of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation. At the beginning, Beijing Hangxing did not choose CAXA. Tengyingjie, chief information Engineer of the company, complained about outstanding appearance quality: at the beginning, on the DNC system, we chose a very mature partner in communication. However, in the later stage, we hope to load more product structure data management functions, and this company is unable to do so

through his own experience, tengyingjie told the delegates that we should not only choose large suppliers, but also choose suppliers with technical development ability, so that they can provide you with corresponding support. Since 2008, we have cooperated with CAXA to realize the on-site data collection of workshop machine tools and the centralized management of workshop data. We have moved the production on-site operation to the computer desktop and improved the management level of workshop production process. In 2011, we expanded the application of DNC system, realized the integration of DNC system and PDM system, and formed an integrated system for the informatization of the whole enterprise. CAXA has ideas in digital manufacturing, and its products are systematic. CAXA can provide strong support when we build a digital manufacturing platform in the 12th Five Year Plan

production efficiency has been improved

yangzhibin, director of Nanyue electronic control information center, said that the digital manufacturing project has solved the company's four major problems. First, it solves the problem that there is no centralized NC programming and management system; Second, it solves the problem of lacking an effective system to monitor and collect the first-hand data of equipment operation; Thirdly, it solves the problem that there is no first-hand real-time production monitoring data on the production site; Fourth, it solves the problem that there are too many auxiliary time or auxiliary posts for on-site production

In 1995, Nanyue Electronic Control Co., Ltd. was jointly established by Hunan Hengyang auto parts factory and American Asia Strategic Investment Company. In 2010, the company successfully repurchased most of its equity and changed its name to Nanyue electric control Hengyang Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. The company mainly produces fuel injection systems, and the repurchase is just for listing

it is reported that according to the implementation schedule of the company's digital manufacturing project, in 2013, the company will realize joint manufacturing of CNC processing equipment for all key processes. From 2014 to 20, Wang Jinghai said that in 15 years, the company will realize joint manufacturing of 300 important CNC processing equipment. At present, the company has 18 CNC processing equipment and 20 commissioning equipment data precipitation

yangzhibin said that since the implementation of the project, the production efficiency and benefits of the relevant production lines have been increased by more than 15%, which has laid a good foundation for the follow-up implementation of MES and the integration with ERP

assistant of private enterprise boss

different from previous speakers, Wang Hongqi is not the director of the company's information department, but the chairman of Wuxi Lihu impeller, a private enterprise boss. His focus is also different: sitting in the office, I don't have to look at the reports anymore. At least I can know a few things by clicking on the computer. How many orders do customers give me? Do you want to buy equipment

in the past, subordinates often reported that orders increased and equipment needed to be purchased. In 2011, Lihu impeller bought more than 30million yuan of equipment, but the following reflection still felt that it was not enough. Wanghongqi said: I can't convince my subordinates. I just listen to them say that the equipment is not enough. If I buy more, I can only buy it. Now I have said that I know your OEE (comprehensive efficiency of equipment). I don't need you to tell me. I can see it from the above. I told them that I don't care where your OEE is now. 30 or 40 is OK, but the problem is that you need to make progress every month. Can't you say 40 this year or 39 next year

now that we have installed CAXA, first, I don't need so many people to make statistics, and second, I can know the most correct figures at the first time. This is very good for the boss. Wanghongqi told me

caxa practice

caxa development department general manager zhangziqiang introduced several successful cases to. For example, Xikai Electric Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that produces traditional high-voltage switchgear. By building the Ethernet in the workshop, arranging the acquisition terminal, and realizing the code uploading and control required by the NC system, the production preparation time is greatly shortened. In addition, by analyzing and finding out the efficiency of the equipment and the reasons for downtime, the production efficiency and output value of the workshop increased by 20%

the second is the famous aircraft manufacturing company Shenfei. Because the numerical control equipment of aviation enterprises is used very early, and the numerical control equipment put into service at the same time in various periods, it is necessary to provide its interface including communication protocol for the equipment in different periods in order to finally realize digitization. At the same time, aircraft manufacturing has strict control over some processes in the management process, because they are all single piece processing, it is necessary to ensure that the procedures are accurate

the third one is Zhengzhou Coal Machinery Co., Ltd., the largest enterprise producing coal machinery in China. The characteristic of this enterprise is that it involves many types of numerical control equipment and a large number of assembly lines. Through integration, it finally realizes unified operation

the fourth is Ingersoll Rand, a joint venture that produces parts. The main effect of the company is to deeply tap the system efficiency through digital manufacturing. Without increasing equipment input, the production capacity has been significantly improved

obviously, digital manufacturing is a trend, independent of enterprise type

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