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Digital channels affect us general election the CTI Forum on June 19 (compiled/Lao Qin): as early as 2008, when the United States was overwhelmed by changes and commitments we can trust, the Obama campaign team did something no one had done in the presidential election before. They used digital channels. Obama's team used social media, forums and the Internet to win the election. Although this was initiated in 2008, it will be adopted more in 2016. Although the analysis was part of Obama's two previous campaigns, HillaryClinton promised the same thing

the most remarkable thing about this statement is that if the trend in the past is followed, Hillary Clinton will not be happy. Clinton and the Democrats will lead the Republicans in this regard

a recent article in the US and world report pointed out that Ted Cruz from Texas announced his intention to run for president. He raised onemillion dollars to thank his 10 employees. Yes, only 10 doctors in analysis and behavioral science were helping him. In 2012, US President Barack Obama had 339 digital employees and Hillary Clinton. Compared with more than 1000 Clinton in 2016, this may be the reason why Cruz has not ranked among the top five Republican candidates for election because his general electromechanical power is no more than "\t9"

although the temperature of the British politicians' seamless steel pipe hardness testing tools remained unchanged in the 2015 election, they made full use of data analysis and digital channels

The key to politics is people. In the United States, we have to choose our representatives and decide who is the best national leader. Because people, personalities and beliefs are involved, analysis has proved to be the perfect tool in the campaign. Especially in politics, the ability to accurately predict the behavior of voters and donations is very valuable. Through this insight, candidates can optimize donations and campaign itineraries

data is not only on paper, but also on behalf of (4) finished paper: all kinds of paper are included in the scope of Taxation hole, behavior and belief. In addition, the popularity of social media also makes use of more and more digital tools. Although the analysis can not give soul stirring speeches, formulate social change methods or eliminate party politics, it can assist the selected person to do so

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