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Wazhou group and Siemens wind energy company signed a strategic cooperation agreement. On July 28, Wazhou group and Siemens wind energy company signed a long-term strategic cooperation letter of intent on supporting bearings for wind turbines in Wazhou precision technology and manufacturing industrial park. Wazhou group has become one of the major global suppliers of Siemens wind energy company, and Siemens wind energy company has become a strategic customer of Wazhou group, The two sides will carry out all-round R & D cooperation on fan supporting bearings around the world. Wang Lushun, chairman of Wazhou group, and Xi Chaochao period; Alan hilzberg, global procurement director of wind energy company, attended the signing ceremony

Siemens is one of the top 500 enterprises in the world. As the global headquarters of Siemens' wind power industry, Siemens wind energy company is located in Denmark, Europe. It is one of the most advanced wind turbine manufacturers in the world, which can not guarantee the synchronization of transmission and affect the experimental results. It is famous for its advanced, efficient and empirical reliability. It has always been in the forefront of the industry, and has the design, manufacturing and R & D capabilities of wind turbines, With 25 years of experience and good record in the wind power industry, it has accumulated more than 8000 units worldwide

bearing group company is the first enterprise engaged in wind turbine bearing research and development in China. With the rapid development of the wind power industry at home and abroad, especially the wind power project has been identified as one of the 16 major technology pairs that the state focuses on developing, and the utilization technology special projects that continue to be exposed to extreme heat, Wazhou group has invested in the Wazhou precision technology and manufacturing industrial Park to establish a world-class production base for wind turbine bearings without problems. At present, the bearing can provide six series of products, including yaw bearing, pitch bearing, main shaft bearing, booster engine bearing, drive reducer bearing and generator bearing, for 750 kW, 850 kW, 1.2 MW, 1.5 MW, 2.0 MW and 3.0 MW wind power equipment, so as to achieve all-round support. Now it has formed an annual production scale of 6000 units, and is developing 5.0 MW wind turbine supporting bearing products. In the research and development of wind turbine bearings, Wazhou group has formed its own technical standards for the design, process, materials, manufacturing, testing and testing of wind turbine bearings. The "wind turbine bearing design and manufacturing technology" project of bearing shaft has been listed as the 863 program by the state

this strategic cooperation kicked off the entry of Wazhou group wind turbine bearings into the world wind energy market. The strong alliance between Wazhou group and Siemens wind energy company will not only win more business opportunities for both sides, but also bring huge benefits to both sides. This cooperation will surely promote the development of wind power industry in China and even the world

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