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275 kinds of new supporting major equipment of bearing shaft

the transformation projects of bearing shaft precision technology and manufacturing industrial park have reached the production standard one after another, laying the foundation for the development of high-precision and cutting-edge products urgently needed by the equipment manufacturing industry in the past 11 years. This year, centering on 16 major national technical projects, the bearing technology center has actively done a good job in the research and development of supporting bearing products, and successfully completed the research and development of 275 new products

in the wind power industry, Wazhou group has completed the development of multi specification supporting products, among which the megawatt fan series bearings have been successfully produced. In addition, it has also produced multi specification foreign fan supporting products. In the metallurgical rolling mill industry, high-precision senjimir rolling mill bearings are being tested on the machine, and the supporting bearings of large-scale rolling machines are successfully produced, filling the domestic gap. 3 Latent injury: the heat generated by electrostatic discharge electric field or current will cause component injury. The supporting bearings of imported oversize rolling mill host are being produced. In the precision machine tool industry, many series and specifications of high-precision bearings have been developed. The following are the six technical indicators of the intelligent tensile testing machine: it meets the needs of the rapid development of the precision machine tool industry. Most of them have the characteristics of easy processing and molding like thermoplastic, and can be recycled and used. Other excellent products fill the gap in the production of precision bearings in China. In the transportation industry, new high-power electric locomotive bearings will be produced this month. In addition, those used in the nuclear power industry will be delivered to users

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