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The fourth quarter of the year is the key period for the production and operation to finish. During the National Day holiday this year, Wazhou group arranged a series of special meetings to formulate high-end bearing research and development, implement international development and other measures, study and connect with the national policy of revitalizing the northeast, comprehensively launch the fourth quarter upsurge, implement the work objectives and tasks in the fourth quarter, and ensure the full completion of this year's goals and tasks

the heavy dependence of high-end bearings on imports has always been a tragedy for the development of China's equipment manufacturing industry, which has become part of the barrel principle, but it is assumed that the "short board" of parts problems appears in the process of equipment measurement. Recently, when state councilor Wang Yong inspected the bearing, he fully affirmed the development of the bearing group and pointed out that if China's manufacturing industry wants to go to the high end, bearings must first go to the high end. The bearing shaft should be driven by the inclusive new development beneficial to the gearbox, work hard on research and development, aim at the high-end manufacturing industry, provide supporting products, and enter the forefront of the world's bearing industry. In the face of the difficulties and contradictions of overcapacity and fierce competition in the middle and low-end products prevailing in the bearing industry, and more than 70% of the domestic high-end bearing market is monopolized by multinational companies, Wazhou group timely adjusted its development ideas, took breaking through high-end products and the international market as the main direction of attack, accelerated structural adjustment, accelerated technological innovation, and further improved its core competitiveness

merge and acquire KRW company, a century old German bearing enterprise, and Wazhou group integrates the technical strength of KRW; In recent years, we have developed supporting bearings for wind power generation and clean energy equipment, high-end automobile bearings, rail transit bearings, steel cold-rolled shafts, also known as tensile test bearings, cement machinery bearings, etc., and accumulated a large number of R & D strength and customer base of high-end bearings; With the completion of the transformation of a number of new factories such as CC spherical bearings, rail transit bearings, special precision bearings and the construction of the U.S. automobile bearing testing center, the technology and products of Wazhou group have a foundation for high-end development. This year, the product structure adjustment project of Wazhou group has been rapidly promoted and has seen practical results in the market: the rail transit bearing project has achieved rapid growth, and the railway heavy axle truck bearings rely entirely on independent intellectual property rights to complete production and sales in a short time; The wind power bearing project has become an important pole to drive the company's market growth. From January to September this year, the sales revenue of the external market increased by 14.1% year-on-year. The orders of supporting international well-known companies for fiscal years 2014 to 2015 have been determined, and the market share has reached 60%; The stable production of exported automobile bearing products and the realization of batch supply have made important progress in the pre market development of cars and trucks

at present, Wazhou group is accelerating the construction of eight technology alliances of "production, study, research and application" of national large bearing engineering technology research center, European R & D center and American automobile bearing testing and testing center, and promoting the improvement of the group's independent technological innovation level; With the development of a number of internationally competitive high-end bearing products as a breakthrough, we will build a comprehensive R & D and manufacturing base for precision supporting bearings in the international equipment manufacturing industry; Increase investment in technological transformation and carry out technological transformation from a high starting point for export high-end automotive bearings and other projects; Accelerate the reform of enterprise mechanism and system and enhance the development vitality of enterprises. All departments and units of the company are stepping up the implementation of various deployments, making rapid decisions, and quickly setting off a climax of "working hard in the fourth quarter, seizing the market to ensure growth, improving quality, reducing consumption and ensuring efficiency", seizing the historical opportunity of a new round of Revitalization in Northeast China, taking the lead to seize the first bus, and creating a new profit growth point of the company

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