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It has been more than two months since the inauguration of Wazhou Taylor joint laboratory, which has invested in the construction of a 40000 ton/year plastic floor technical transformation project. When entering the laboratory, the staff are silently carrying out various testing work at their respective posts

according to the person in charge, the laboratory has undertaken six businesses of internal and external testing services. These days, they also solved the problem of dimensioning the oil groove of the drive train bearing, and reproduced the shape of the oil groove according to the requirements of the drawing. At present, the surface roughness profiler is being used to detect "peach shaped" grooves and related research, and the repeatability error of detection is also being studied

open the door and accept customers. While doing a good job in the internal testing work of Wazhou group, the laboratory also provides testing services to the society

in these two months, the laboratory has not only been on the right track in testing, but also absorbed new excellent members. A graduate student who just joined the bearing group said that he was very proud to work in the laboratory. The use of high-precision testing instruments not only greatly improved the accuracy of bearing testing, but also expanded the testing scope and projects. Another graduate student in the laboratory also introduced his working feelings to us: he hoped that inventions such as shred buddy would appear more and more on KickStarter and the market "The laboratory has been put into operation, which has made a significant contribution to the testing work of China's bearing industry. We have seen first-class testing instruments, made up for the lack of complete file operation function of previous testing work from the perspective of testing theory, and overcome many difficulties in bearing testing methods."

the comprehensive implementation of the work of the bearing shaft Taylor joint laboratory will certainly improve the testing technology and level of the bearing shaft group and the bearing industry, help the research and development of high-end products of the bearing shaft group, and write a significant stroke in the history of bearing testing

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