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Bearing shaft: support the high-speed rotation of Chinese equipment to pursue dreams

bearing shaft: support the high-speed rotation of Chinese equipment to pursue dreams

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Guide: Bearing silently supports the operation of equipment, and it is difficult for people to pay attention to it. However, in case of war, bearing manufacturers will become key targets, which is determined by their strategic position. Bearing is the key basic component in the equipment manufacturing industry, which reflects the national manufacturing capacity and manufacturing level. Bearing

bearing silently supports the operation of equipment, and it is difficult for people to pay attention to it. However, if there is a war, the bearing manufacturer will become a key target, which is determined by its strategic position

bearing is a key basic component in the equipment manufacturing industry, which reflects the national manufacturing capacity and manufacturing level. Bearing has a direct effect on the accuracy, speed, reliability, stability, safety, environmental protection and service life of the host machine. It is a key basic component to realize industrial modernization and national defense modernization. Its performance and quality directly determine the development level of major technical equipment. The modern equipment manufacturing industry in the United States, Japan, Germany and Sweden is supported by a strong bearing industry

in China, there is such an enterprise, which is praised by Premier Wen Jiabao as "the hometown of bearings in China". This is Wafangdian Bearing Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Wafangdian group"), the largest bearing manufacturer in China. The bearing products developed by the bearing shaft support the equipment of the Republic to rotate reliably at high speed. "Using precision engineering technology to promote the development of high-end manufacturing in China" has been the pursuit and dream of Wazhou group for many years

what won the praise of the premier

Wazhou group was founded in 1938, is the birthplace of China's bearing industry, is China's largest bearing manufacturing enterprise, and ranks eighth in the world's bearing industry

as the eldest son of China's bearing industry, Wazhou group has made outstanding contributions to the development of China's equipment manufacturing industry and bearing industry. The first set of industrial bearings in New China was born here. In 1950, the tile shaft part moved north to establish Harbin Bearing Factory, assisted in the construction of Luoyang bearing factory in 1955, contracted to build northwest bearing factory in 1965, and successively provided support and assistance in talent, technology and management for hundreds of bearing enterprises across the country. It is known as "national meritorious enterprise" and "hometown of Chinese bearings" by Premier Wen Jiabao

the leading products of Wazhou group are bearings supporting major technical equipment, precision bearings, rail transit bearings, automotive bearings, wind power new energy bearings, precision forgings and bearing equipment. More than 18000 bearing products all have independent intellectual property rights. Wazhou group has national enterprise technology center, national bearing product testing center and other scientific research and development institutions, as well as 8 product manufacturing bases and 22 manufacturing plants. It is building the only "national large bearing engineering technology research center" in China's bearing industry, which has the ability to systematically solve the needs of supporting bearings for equipment development and undertake supporting bearings for national large-scale engineering projects. The company has passed ISO9000, ISO14001, QS9000, ISO18000 and other international management system certification. The ZWZ trademark of the bearing shaft was recognized as a well-known trademark in China by the state, and the supporting bearing project of major technical equipment won the commendation award of the second China Industrial award

especially in recent years, Wazhou group has seized the historical opportunity of the national implementation of the Revitalization Strategy of the old industrial base and equipment manufacturing industry, vigorously carried out structural adjustment, and comprehensively developed into supporting products in 16 major technical fields. While transforming the old enterprises, it has built "Wazhou group precision technology and Manufacturing Industrial Park" and "Wazhou group precision motor automobile bearing industrial park" from a high starting point and with strong investment, The goal of rebuilding a bearing shaft in three years has been achieved. At present, the automotive bearing project of the first phase of the high-end manufacturing industrial park of Wazhou group, which is supporting bearings in the field of high-end equipment, has been completed and put into operation

break through the bottleneck of major technical equipment

although China's national economic construction and equipment manufacturing industry have developed rapidly in recent years, most of the high-end bearings supporting major equipment rely on imports, and the key technical equipment has been restricted by foreign countries. Core components such as bearings have become the bottleneck of the development of national major equipment, which has attracted the great attention of the party and the government

In 2005, the State Council proposed to accelerate the development of 16 major technical equipment fields. Wazhou group has undertaken the task of research and development of supporting bearings and the construction of industrial bases. In three years, it has built "Wazhou group precision technology and manufacturing Industrial Park resulting in errors" and "Wazhou group precision motor automobile bearing industrial park". Relying on independent innovation, it has developed a number of high-tech products with independent knowledge production and the right to implement the joint technical measures of financing European clean weather, It has changed the long-term dependence on imports of high-precision, high-reliability and high-speed bearings in key technical equipment in many key fields in China, realized the localization of core components, and made contributions to the development of China's equipment manufacturing industry and bearing industry

in the new energy industry, Wazhou group has developed large-scale clean and efficient power generation equipment bearings. The bearing shaft took the lead in developing a complete set of substitute imported products, and achieved industrialization in a short time. At present, it has built a wind turbine bearing production base with the largest variety of bearings, the largest production scale, the most complete supporting units and the largest power generation in the world. It has now matched 6500 high-power wind turbine units, and has reached the world leading level in the three major technical fields of design and development, process manufacturing and testing, It has the ability to provide bearings for 5 MW wind turbines in only three companies in the world. At the same time, the price of imported bearings was reduced from 2.1 million yuan per unit to 600000 yuan, and the social benefits created by bearing shafts alone reached 11billion yuan

in the petrochemical industry, Wazhou group has developed the front and rear thrust multiple bearings supporting a 200000 ton large twin-screw granulation unit, shortening the manufacturing cycle of the host equipment for more than one year and reducing the cost of the host; It has developed 12000 meter deep well drilling rig turntable bearings and offshore drilling platform series bearings. The successful development of these bearings has broken the technical blockade of the foreign bearing industry

in the iron and steel industry, Wazhou group has successfully implemented the localization project of large-scale cold and hot continuous rolling equipment for thin plates and 288000 coating processing equipment sold by domestic new energy vehicles in January and September, and developed 2050 rolling mill and other cold and hot continuous rolling bearings for large-scale domestic iron and steel enterprises; We have successfully developed precision sheet Sendzimir mill bearings and H-beam vertical roller bearings, which have been monopolized by three foreign bearing enterprises in the past. The series development and manufacturing of these products that meet or exceed the foreign level have reduced the procurement cost of the steel industry by 70%

in the mining and coal industries, Wazhou group has developed a full series of high reliability bearings supporting large elevators, large gearboxes and other equipment, providing safety guarantee for large-scale underground comprehensive mining and large-scale open-pit mining

in the fields of shipbuilding, port machinery and marine engineering, Wazhou group has developed a complete set of supporting bearings for 7000 ton floating cranes and 20000 ton shore cranes, and developed and manufactured various marine crane turret support bearings for large transport ships. These bearings have all been supplied in batches, stable and reliable, and have been highly praised by users of the automotive industry

in the rail transit industry, relying on Heavy Haul Freight dedicated lines, high-speed passenger dedicated lines and urban rail transit projects, Wazhou group has fully developed 23 ton axle load freight trains and train bearings with a speed of 200 kilometers per hour; The bearings of heavy-duty freight cars with a axle load of 30 tons and a speed of 120 kilometers per hour have been successfully developed, and the high-speed bearings of multiple units with a speed of 350 kilometers per hour have passed the bench test

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