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Wazhou group was rated as "civilized unit in the national machinery industry"

Wazhou group was rated as "civilized unit in the national machinery industry"

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from August 21 to 22, the China Machinery Industry Federation joined hands with the China machinery industry workers' Ideological and Political Work Research Association, A 30-year achievement exhibition of the national machinery industry cultural construction and machinery political research conference was organized in Changchun. The meeting commended advanced collectives and individuals such as civilized units in the National Machinery Industry and the top ten enterprises with cultural characteristics in the national machinery industry. Wazhou group was rated as a civilized unit in the national machinery industry

in recent years, Wazhou group has implemented the scientific concept of development, adhered to independent innovation, promoted enterprise reform and structural adjustment, and achieved sustained, healthy and steady development. In the process of enterprise development, the tile axis adheres to both hands, and the construction of material civilization and spiritual civilization of the enterprise go hand in hand. It combines the construction of spiritual civilization with the reform and transformation of the company, the adjustment of product structure and market construction, and the establishment of a correct world outlook, outlook on life and values with employees, so as to constantly deepen the enterprise culture with tile axis characteristics and condense the spiritual strength of development, The enterprise presents a vigorous and upward development scene and maintains the leading position in China's bearing industry

at the meeting, Cong Hong, chairman and Secretary of the Party committee of Wazhou group, made an exchange of experience on behalf of Wazhou group, making scientific decisions, seeking progress in stability, and constantly improving the level of enterprise development; Establish a new business model integrating technology research and development, manufacturing and marketing, and significantly improve the core competitiveness; Strengthen the construction of characteristic culture, and continuously enhance the comprehensive quality and strength of the enterprise. Click the [valve port reset] on the main interface until you hear the sound of rattle, and introduce the experience of bearing shaft. Cong Hong stressed that in the face of the pattern, opportunities and challenges of the development of the world's equipment manufacturing industry, Wazhou group will innovate the way of Ideological and political work, build a team of leading cadres and talents with new ideas, strong innovation ability and hard work style, extensively explore and concentrate the wisdom and strength hidden in employees, implement the commanding height strategy and internationalization strategy, and accelerate structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading, Promote the construction of enterprise spiritual civilization with the characteristics of quick and slow bearing shafts, and strive to build a large bearing group with international competitiveness

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