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Waste paper: carry out this wave of price rise to the end

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brief introduction to the market

today, the national waste market rose partially, concentrated in Shandong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions in East China, Jinzhou and Jianhui in Dongguan, Guangdong increased by/ton, the northern market operated smoothly, and the grade a quotation of yellow paperboard in nine dragons Dongguan base was 2620/ton; Shanying Jiaxing base yellow paperboard grade a quotation 2490/ton; Liwen is the first-class quotation of yellow paperboard in Jiangsu base, 2510/ton

at the weekend, the scale of paper enterprises uniformly raised the paper price. The seven bases of nine dragons, Shanying and Liwen led the rise in the standard tensile sample market of national waste selection, with an increase of/ton. The enthusiasm of some packaging stations to ship has increased, and the arrival of manufacturers has increased slightly. Although large factories raised prices and received goods, the national waste market did not usher in a large-scale rise across the country, and some paper enterprises are still watching. At present, the overall operation of the national waste market is relatively stable, mostly partially supplemented

analysis of arrival volume

on the 7th, Fubao statistics showed that 82 sample paper enterprises across the country arrived 152000 tons of waste paper yesterday, a decrease of 18000 tons compared with the previous day. Over the weekend, the purchase price of large-scale paper mills increased by about 50/ton, and the surrounding manufacturers increased significantly, but from the perspective of arrival volume, it was still "low"; The supply side structural reform not only reduced the production capacity to the normal level, but also did not increase significantly. Some packaging stations are looking forward to rising, and shipments are in a wait-and-see state

interpretation of the trend of base paper

last week, the size of the box board and corrugated base paper market increased by/ton, and some small and medium-sized paper in the surrounding areas increased by/ton. Today, there are still manufacturers in the market to continue to follow up, and Henan Longyuan and Hebei Dingtai both increased by 50/ton

at present, the base paper market as a whole shows a steady upward trend. Although the mainstream paper mills have not driven the overall rise of the market, from the current performance of the market, the focus of transactions has shifted upward, mainly because the current inventory pressure of paper enterprises is small, and the shipment situation is OK. 6. Under the monthly e-commerce Festival and the Dragon Boat Festival of the expanded Wertheim factory, the demand is still released to a certain extent, but due to the large inventory accumulation in the early stage of the downstream Paperboard Factory, the replenishment demand is insufficient, As a result, the market failed to show a large-scale upward trend. It is expected that the mainstream of the base paper market will be stable before the festival, and individual paper enterprises will continue to explore the rise. It is still necessary to continue to pay attention to the operation of Nine Dragons during the Dragon Boat Festival

market forecast

Fubao forecast: today, the local price rise in the national waste market is mainly concentrated in Jiangsu, Shandong, Zhejiang and other places in East China. The scale of paper enterprises increased by turns over the weekend. The effective space of the tensile testing machine in the southern market refers to the clamping space of the sample. A few paper mills adjusted the price, and some paper mills in the North moved up. Recently, the enthusiasm of the packaging station for shipping has increased slightly. At present, the demand side of finished products is expected to decline seasonally. It is expected that the domestic waste market will mainly increase in the short term, and the merchants of each packaging station can choose to ship at a high price

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