The hottest waste paper tile paper rises steadily,

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Waste paper and tile paper will rise steadily, and may be high in the short term.

release date: Source: Business Club

according to the data monitoring of Business Club: Although the waste paper market price has risen steadily this week, the enterprises adjusting the price are in a state of rising and falling. On March 5, the average purchase price of waste yellow paperboard Market was 2487.86/ton, an increase of 29.29/ton or 1.19% compared with the average purchase price of waste paper at the beginning of the week (the average price of waste paper purchase was 2458.57/ton due to the temperature rising to about 80 ℃ on February 28). The price of corrugated paper also showed an increase. On March 5, the average ex factory price of 140g corrugated base paper was 3825/ton, which was 100/ton higher than the average ex factory price of 140g corrugated base paper at the beginning of the week (on February 28, the average ex factory price of 140g corrugated base paper was 3725/ton), an increase of 2.68%

according to the observation of market changes, the price of national waste yellow paperboard this week, including 3D printing and sensors related to the third industrial revolution, was in a steady upward trend at the beginning of the week, and then the price gradually stabilized. Only some paper enterprises in the market adjusted the price of waste paper, showing a mixed state. Until March 5, the purchase price of waste paper in the paper mill was adjusted, and the enterprises showed a trend of more decline and less rise. At present, the overall performance of South China has been in a balance of small, scattered and disordered for a long time. The centralized shipment of packaging stations is coming to an end. Some paper enterprises in markets such as East China and North China have more arrivals. Under the condition of supply exceeding demand, the price reduction paper enterprises began to increase

in terms of the price of corrugated base paper, most of the current prices are in a stable state, and only showed an upward trend at the beginning of the week. Now the market supply and demand game is relatively anxious, and the market demand is dominated by rigid demand. The price of the downstream Paperboard Factory was slightly loosened, so the transmission of the price to the terminal was blocked. In addition, the price of raw material waste paper was stable, and then the price of corrugated paper returned to stability

the paper analysts of business society believe that at present, from the perspective of the market, supply and demand have begun to return to stability. Under the condition of limited support for raw material prices, the momentum for the rise in the finished paper market may be slightly insufficient. It is expected that the prices of waste paper and corrugated paper in the short term may be mainly stable, at a high level

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