The hottest waste plastic turns into a new climax

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It is understood that recently, at a press conference held in Shenzhen, the president of Aoyama Mingxian, a waste giant in Japan's triple County, Kobayashi green environmental protection pipe Co., Ltd., showed how the troublesome plastic waste, such as waste plastic bags, plastic bottles and rotten rubber heads, after special treatment, has become a stable large-diameter PE and PP plastic pipe in the domestic mining market. Therefore, Set off a new upsurge on how to recycle waste plastics

Aoyama Mingxian believes that the recycling and reuse of plastic products is a worldwide problem, and it is a common method to deal with this problem by deeply burying and burning waste cables. Some western countries even transport plastic waste to developing countries, which brings harm to the local environment. In China, the use of plastic products is huge, and how to turn waste into treasure is not only an environmental protection issue, but also a huge business opportunity

from international experience, it is the general trend for plastic pipes to replace cement, iron casting and ceramic pipes. We are full of confidence in China's plastic pipe market. Using international cooperation to speed up the development of emerging industries through circular economy technology is of far-reaching significance for Shenzhen's industrial upgrading. Aoyama Mingxian said that the policies issued by Shenzhen to encourage the development of circular economy provide a good platform for enterprises in Shandong Province to develop renewable resources industry in China. They will set up plastic pipe production plants and waste plastic recycling research and development centers in Shenzhen, and build China's plastic pipe export base in Shenzhen according to the 1025 development plan of the plastic machinery industry

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