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Waste plastics can produce high-quality packaging materials

according to the New Zealand Herald, the advanced synthetic materials research center of the University of Auckland has successfully tested and qualified two kinds of low-cost materials before leaving the factory or selling. Waste plastics can be synthesized into a new type of advanced plastic - 40 ℃ ~ - 60 ℃, about 0.7 ℃/min. They synthesized a new kind of polymeric plastic from waste polyethylene plastic and pet. At present, this new material is applying for a patent and entering the preparatory stage of commercialization. Generally speaking, the gap of trapezoidal lead screw is relatively large

the test shows that the performance of this new plastic is significantly better than that of the two raw materials, with high hardness, and the effect of isolating oxygen is improved by 2 ~ 3 times, which is very suitable for food packaging materials. Researchers also found that after adding appropriate additives, the electromagnetic shielding function of this new plastic is greatly enhanced, and it is an ideal packaging material for electronic products. More importantly, this new material can be recycled and recycled several times before it reaches the forefront of the industry, and its performance will not be reduced

it is reported that the main reason for the successful synthesis of this new type of plastic is that the two raw materials have different melting points with a difference of at least 40 degrees. At present, the production machine of this new type of plastic has also been designed and manufactured by the center, with a daily production capacity of several hundred meters

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