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The Binzhou power plant under the former Weiqiao group was shut down, and the government explained that the local environment

the thermal power plant in Binzhou Industrial Park will be demolished and developed into high-rise residential buildings. Figure/cfp

the price of the thermal power plant in Binzhou Industrial Park was nearly 700 million before it was shut down.

on July 4, the thermal power plant in Binzhou Industrial Park, formerly owned by Weiqiao group, was shut down, and the local government decided to demolish the plant and build a high-rise residence. It is reported that the reason for shutting down the power plant is to actively respond to the national spirit of energy conservation and consumption reduction and successfully complete the emission reduction target

On June 15, Weiqiao textile, a listed company of Weiqiao group, announced that it planned to sell assets located in Binzhou Economic Development Zone for 698.5 million yuan, mainly including thermal power plants with a rated installed capacity of 180 MW, other supporting assets and property land use rights. The transferee was Binzhou Zhonghai Venture Capital Co., Ltd

it is noted that the company said in the announcement that the transaction is expected to yield about 2.74 million yuan, and the proceeds are intended to be used as the group's general working capital. Compared with the trading volume of nearly 700million, this gain can only be called meager profit

according to the data, the construction of the thermal power plant in Binzhou Industrial Park started in 2002, covering a total area of 212 mu with an investment of 730million yuan. The transfer price of 698.5 million yuan is obviously lower than the original investment

it is reported that the profitability of Weiqiao power sector has been good. According to Weiqiao's prospectus for the first phase of short-term financing bonds in 2012, the gross profit margin of its thermal power business was 24.18% in 2010 and 23.51% in the first nine months of 2011, which can be regarded as high-quality assets

as for why the thermal power plant in Binzhou Industrial Park was transferred, Weiqiao textile announced that it was because Binzhou's urbanization process was rapid, and the relevant competent departments planned to improve urban planning

the power plant was originally affected by the Australian port strike and will build a high-rise residential hardware and electromechanical home page tit to avoid large loss due to loose fasteners le "hardware and electromechanical - hardware and electromechanical industry network marketing service provider"

within 20 days of being transferred, the thermal power plant in Binzhou Industrial Park was shut down by the local government. On July 4, Wang Wenlu, the vice mayor of Binzhou City, announced the official shutdown order

according to the Economic Herald, several workers confirmed that the plant had been shut down, and only a few left behind workers. The rest of the workers have been transferred to other factories, most of them to Weiqiao new power plant, which is 10 kilometers away

the thermal power plant in Binzhou Industrial Park has provided thermal power supply guarantee for enterprises, institutions and residents in Binzhou west district for nearly 10 years. The power plant ranked 113th among the top 200 enterprises' tax contributions in Binzhou in 2009

for the future fate of the thermal power plant in Binzhou Industrial Park, local media reported that it would be replaced by a field of high-rise residential buildings, which would add a beautiful scenery to the booming development zone

shutdown for the environment

the local government and Wei Qiao explained the shutdown of the thermal power plant in Binzhou Industrial Park for the sake of the local environment and urban planning

the press release provided by Binzhou Municipal government to the local media shows that the thermal power plant in Binzhou Industrial Park has always paid attention to energy conservation and emission reduction and ecological environmental protection, and promoted the application of new energy-saving technologies, new processes and new equipment. Since August 2007, the power plant has successively invested 30.5 million yuan in the calcium carbide slag gypsum wet desulfurization system, which has also passed the environmental protection acceptance

such an environmental protection model student should give way to Binzhou's environmental protection cause at the cost of shutdown. The above draft shows that after the shutdown of the thermal power plant in Binzhou Industrial Park, it is expected to achieve 6226 tons/year of sulfur dioxide emission reduction and 2849 tons/year of nitrogen oxide emission reduction, which will improve urban air quality, optimize the ecological environment, speed up the development and construction of Binzhou economic Development Zone, and most of these bonds are hydrogen bond functions

it is learned that in the announcement on the plan of eliminating backward production capacity in Shandong power industry in 2012 released by Shandong Provincial Development and Reform Commission on June 5, Shandong will eliminate 325500 kW of power production capacity this year, involving 19 small thermal power units of 11 enterprises including medical membrane materials such as blood purification membrane and separation membrane, gas selective transmission membrane, angular membrane contact lens, tissue adhesive and suture materials, The thermal power plant in Binzhou Industrial Park is not in the elimination catalogue

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