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Abandoned plastic bottles, shipbuilding rafts, drifting along the river, advocating environmental protection

on the river course of the university campus, an environmental protection raft made of discarded bottles flowed down the river, and the students who watched all showed curious expressions and gave warm applause. Since yesterday, a microblog with pictures has quickly become popular on the Internet. It turned out that the May Day leader supported the two ends of the shaft for a day off. Two students from the Department of geography, School of resources and Environmental Sciences, East China Normal University, used discarded plastic bottles as the main materials to make a small raft, boating on the cherry River in Minhang campus. On the way, they also picked up garbage to remove the occasional white pollutants floating on the river. In such a special way, students are conveying their desire to care for the environment and encourage college students to have the courage to practice

nearly 300 discarded plastic bottles let the raft float

liudinghua and Liu Yuexiang, sophomores of the Department of geography, School of resources and Environmental Sciences, East China Normal University, are backbone members of the school association Land Economy Association. For a long time, they and the members of the association have been looking forward to doing a hands-on practice, which can not only promote environmental protection, but also reflect that putting ideas into practice is 7.5.3 compressive strength and flexural strength levels. Their main starting point is determined by the average and minimum values of the experimental results according to table 2

when walking along the beautiful waterway cherry River in the school, the Lingguang of Liu Dinghua and Liu Yuexiang in the same bedroom suddenly appeared. Why not build an environmental protection boat? Just do it. The two students have a clear division of labor. They complete the design, and the collection, sorting and classification of waste plastic bottles and the knitting of ropes are jointly completed by the members of the association. In our Zihuan college, many students usually pay attention to collecting drink bottles. Unexpectedly, many dormitories have become the major confiscation. It is said that many dormitories are provided by us to make rafts. Liudinghua said. As for the main plank and two wings, the students went to the construction site and got the permission of the construction team to splice them with the wood they didn't use

taking advantage of the May Day holiday, the raft took three days from design to successful launching, and was named innovation. I saw that the raft was 2 meters wide and 3.5 meters long at the widest part, shared 108 large bottles and 180 small bottles, and could carry more than 500 kilograms

in response to a friend's view that so many boards can float without putting plastic bottles, so plastic bottles can only be said to be decorations, liudinghua responded that what you see is only the surface, and we covered the bottle with a hexagonal board, which is to prevent the buoyancy from deforming the bottle. The creator said that in fact, the key to the launch of the innovation is the buoyancy of the bottle itself. In the whole production, the main function of wood is to set and fix. During this period, nails were also used to fix the spine. In order to enhance the safety performance of the raft, there is a layer of rope square at the bottom of the board to ensure that the bottle will not fall off. Interestingly, the life jacket is also made of waste bottles

the innovation was launched, attracting students to watch and applaud

a leaf of the light raft, water waves, slender willows, and the audience was amazed. At 1:00 p.m. that day, under the protection of the school security and the confirmation that the students were familiar with the water, Liu Dinghua and Liu Yuexiang took the lead in testing the water, and immediately became the focus scenery on both sides of the school river

the raft set out from the Bank of the West playground, visited the island behind the library, and visited the new art building. In the process of rowing, all participants are still paying attention to picking up white garbage bags that occasionally float in the water along the way. Along the way, teachers and students stopped one after another, and some also took photos casually, which were shared on Weibo with the development of plastic recycled particles industry

it is reported that this activity is one of the series of activities of the National Economic Commission to promote environmental protection, practice, protect the cherry River and love my beautiful campus. On the eve of the Dragon Boat Festival, these students will also consider making another one. At that time, it can be used not only to promote environmental protection, but also to promote folk culture

Cheng Liang, a junior at the College of life sciences, appreciated the birth and trial voyage of the innovation. He also shared photos of the maiden voyage of the innovation with other classmates and friends at the first time

instead of staying in the dormitory all day, watching all kinds of sharing in the school, and lamenting the lack of a platform to realize your creativity from import to production, it's better to collect every inspiration from the life around you, take action, and start immediately to make your college life more heroic! Young people should be full of passion for life, try more, explore more, and the color of youth will be more colorful! They are so talented! It's so thoughtful. On the happy Weibo, many bloggers also praised its intention of promoting environmental protection and the effect of launching. However, some people are worried about its safety. Of course, this activity is worth encouraging for a practical innovation with care measures, but no one should make his own decision and go down the river at will relying on water

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